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  • I didn't notice your VM edit until you sent me another VM.
    -That's not it. Taeis wants to get someone to love him normally, then if they don't, he forces them.
    -I'm still waiting for Midorikawa to respond to another Sign Up.
    What I meant was, the words "find out" make me think that he'd learn it through means other than Taeis actually telling him. So how would he do that other than... that way...?

    Great idea. Unfortunately, Taeis doesn't know Hypnosis. The closest thing he does know is Lovely Kiss, which, in the games, put the opponent to sleep. Hypnosis isn't a TM, so I don't really know how to teach it to him. Gardevoir learn it at Levels 51, 60, and 65. However, I'm not sure if there is a Level System here, or if the RP even follows the rules of Pokémon games, because the staff all have over four moves, and the moves some of my characters know aren't legit (Lovely Kiss, for example) All that aside, Taeis doesn't want to force someone to love him if he doesn't have to. If that Gijinka hasn't started to love him or breaks up with him, that's when he forces them.

    Do you have any idea how many times I have accidentally referred Taeis as she or her instead of him or he?
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