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Recent content by Umbramatic

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    COMPLETE: Truth (Oneshot) (EVERYONE)

    Hello! If you've seen any of my stuff on FFnet you might remember a silly old thing called Green and White I wrote back in 2012. Well heads up because this fic you see before you is a sequel. Why? Well, I wanted to revisit the characters and see how they and my writing skills have evolved...
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    COMPLETE: Crater Dreams (Oneshot)

    Hello! Before you read this story a few things about it: This story was initially written as an entry to a contest on another forum. However, this time I decided to use the judges' feedback to actually revise the story I had, rather than writing a new story with the same themes and concepts...
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    COMPLETE: Caging Destruction (Oneshot) (TEEN)

    Hey all! This is... my first proper fanfic published on this site in almost three years. Wow. Anyway, this here oneshot is a spiritual successor to a oneshot I wrote for a contest on another site. When the contest results came in I decided the original story was flawed enough that I wanted to...
  4. U

    TEEN: Wonders of Unova

    So, finally posting my review! First, agreeing with the other reviewers that your run-on sentences and bits of grammar could use some work, and it would have probs been better to use a Golett instead of a Golurk. That said, the various character interactions were adorable and hilarious. The...
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    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    I'll definitely try to work up that drive, since it's helped me before.
  6. U

    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    This is actually relevant to something I did in that RP I mentioned. I ran this long, epic, story arc, and I was so PASSIONATE about getting it done and making it great, and I actually succeeded. I worry that getting that same passion for one of my current story ideas might be harder, but if I...
  7. U

    How old are you, readers?

    Just turned 22. Started writing at age... 15 or so?
  8. U

    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Hello all. Used to be known as InsaneTyranitar and briefly TheHydreigonator, in case any of you remember me. I'm coming back here after RPing at another site for over two years and want to try my hand at writing fics again, but have one big problem I need to address. My self-discipline...
  9. U

    Who is the hottest gym leader?

    Ah crap, how could I forget about Misty? she ties with Sabrina for sure...
  10. U

    Who is the hottest gym leader?

    Gym Leaders? Hmm... Kanto: Sabrina Johto: Clair Hoenn: Flannery Sinnoh: Candice Unova: Skyla ...I also have a strange man-crushes on Falkner, Morty, and Wallace (Though I like Wallace's champion uniform).
  11. U

    Favorite Pokemon Type(s)

    Top three are Dark, Ghost, and Dragon. Top five adds Psychic and Steel.
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    TEEN: The Long March Of Time (Chapter 6 up!)

    Re: The Pokemon World: A History Thanks, and I like how you can imagine this being a documentary, since it was partially inspired by such.
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    Offering: DW Females and other things (CLOSED)

    Re: Offering: DW Females and other things Since my internet connection actually works for trading right now (so we won't have to wait as long), and that Poliwag (now a Politoed) you traded me is doing awesome, I figured I might give this another go. You don't mind repeat "customers," do you...
  14. U

    TEEN: The Long March Of Time (Chapter 6 up!)

    Just wanted to say that Chapter 7 will be the week after Christmas, since I'm doing an article relevant to it for the Fanon Pokedex (see my current sig), and I'd much rather the article influence the chapter than the other way around.
  15. U

    TEEN: The Long March Of Time (Chapter 6 up!)

    Thank you, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'd actually like a little on what you diidn't like - so I can improve. What do you mean by "interesting" and "nice"? :P But seriously, though, is that good or bad? Glad you like how I incorporated the Missingno.