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Jan 21, 2019 at 2:23 PM
Feb 6, 2012
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Aug 31, 1994 (Age: 24)
United Kingdom
Author, IT tech-in-training.


A cat who writes stories, 24, from United Kingdom

Working slowly on the same fanfic-in-progress as I was in 2006! Apr 3, 2018

unrepentantAuthor was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Jan 21, 2019 at 2:23 PM
    1. unrepentantAuthor
      Working slowly on the same fanfic-in-progress as I was in 2006!
    2. Flaze
      Well I got out of school yesterday after a long term xD but I had to work all day today.
    3. Flaze
      If by friendly ask you mean a VM to ask how you're doing and how's everything going then yes :P
    4. Flaze
      I bet you on't even remember me.
    5. Gama
      Please do let me know when Different Eyes is rebooted, okay? I don't always regularly check the Writer's Workshop now that I'm co-Head Admin and am often busy with other things, so be sure to tag me when it's posted, okay?

      Hope all's well with you.
    6. Gama
      uA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

      I can't believe you're back! I thought I was never going to see you again!!!!! News about Different Eyes is fantastic too! Ah, it'll be awesome having you back around this place!

      I haven't updated Brotherhood in a very long time now, it is effectively on an indefinite hiatus, so don't worry too much about reviewing it: at the very least, please put it at the bottom of your list, I'm sure your reviews will be more constructive elsewhere at this time. Long term plan is to either reboot or revive it at some point, but I honestly don't know when that is realistically going to be.

      Anyway, it is awesome to have you back, man, I hope you start to feel better, and don't feel the need to disappear again!
    7. Flaze
      It's okay, I can understand that you must've had a lot of problems.
    8. Soulmaster
      Happy Birthday!
    9. Medusa Gorgon
      Medusa Gorgon
      happy birthday!
    10. Flaze
    11. Gama
      That's great thank you, good luck on your exams!
    12. Gama
      Hey, I would offer to do this as part of the Review Exchange, but I've already read Different Eyes, so I'm just asking this as a favour.

      Any chance you could give me a review of Brotherhood when you have time? If you don't have time, that's cool. I understand how it is to have lots of r&r requests.
    13. Flaze
      Yes it's all right, I understand.
    14. Flaze
      I wanted to know if you could give my fanfic a read, if you weren't too busy.
    15. Flaze
      Um...hey, I was actually wondering something.
    16. R0-S3
      Congratulations on your fic-of-the-month award! (I suspect I'm rather late to be mentioning this. Am I? I forgot to check the date on the announcement and going back to do it now requires more stupid-laptop-trackpadding than I'm willing to bother with.)

      Anyway, if it's even halfway recent, you will undoubtably be brimming over with FEELS about it, so I'll see if I can get on Skype today so that we can talk about it in something approaching realtime.
    17. Flaze
      Hello xD
    18. ShinyFlareon
      Did you like your pony?
    19. ShinyFlareon
      No problem. Hope it works if you do use it.
    20. ShinyFlareon
      Regarding my comment about Salem's descriptions seeming expositiony (sorry for the delay, I've been thinking and only just came up with something), perhaps they could be internal? Instead of describing the new character to themselves, she could maybe make those judgements in her own mind. Like for Pyre, it could have been something like "She noticed his uniform had an unusual sheen to it, and realized after a moment that it was fireproof. She wondered if Pyre had complete control over his flames." or something similar.
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  • About

    Aug 31, 1994 (Age: 24)
    United Kingdom
    Author, IT tech-in-training.
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation VI (3DS)
    Favorite Region:
    Hoenn / Hōen
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Petalburg City Balance Badge
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Hi there, I'm Jack. I've been writing on and off since 2006. I used to have a 120k word epic fanfiction about pokémorphs - my only surviving fanfiction project is a successor to that work.

    It's a story about pokémon-human hybrids, personhood, the implications of advanced genetic engineering, pokémon sapience, and personal agency. It's also a story about a cat who wants to be a person, and how she becomes one.

    Me? I'm 23, British, a uni grad with a BA in creative writing. I'm an aspirant professional writer. I like cats, speculative fiction, strategy games, Mars, history, Esperanto, artificial intelligence, food, and pokémon, in no particular order. My avatar is obviously a photorealistic depiction of me.

    You're very welcome to say hi! I'm always up for a chat.


    Hi there, I like cats, SF/F, strategy games, Mars, history, AI, and Esperanto. Pleased to meet you!
    Chapter Five up! . Reviewing Tutorial . DE Worldbuilding . The Colour Wheel . Progress Thread
    profile pic by canisaries . banner by bluering8
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