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  • Everything good on your end? You didn't have to trade me those shinys or the Gyarados and Hydreigon. If you want them back let me know.
    If you can go online now, then yes. I won't be available for long tonight. Maybe ~the next 25 minutes or so.
    I didn't see you online today and I'm about to head to bed. Your Dittos, Politoed and Magneton are ready for pickup so just let me know when you can trade. I'll be around tomorrow but after that I won't be able to trade until Monday night at the earliest.
    Hey sorry, I might not be able to trade tonight unless you're willing to wait until around 9 or 10. Tomorrow would be better. I promise I won't leave you hanging any longer than that if you can do tomorrow instead.
    Thanks. If you're interested I can also can clone any of my other competitive Pokemon for you. I'll send you a link to a spreadsheet that you can view. There's a lot to look through, but if you get a chance to do so let me know if something catches your eye.
    Sure, is it okay if we trade later today? I can trade now if needed (after I finish cloning them of course), but waiting until ~5, 6, or 7 PM EST would be better.
    Not hard at all. In fact I already have several Dittos with IV spreads for breeding the most useful Hidden Power types that I can just clone for you. I've had and used them long before I got the PowerSaves Pro.

    2 with IVs for HP Ice:

    1 for HP Fire:

    1 for HP Fighting:

    1 for HP Ground:
    31/30/31/30/30/31 (I need to double check if this is the exact spread)

    And 1 for HP Grass:

    If you need other Hidden Powers or spreads I can definitely hack you additional Dittos for them. I also have Dittos for breeding Attack and Speed IVs of 0 if you want those.
    Nice, my brother lives in the Orlando area. And yes, I can hop online and do that now if you like.
    I got an Xbox One this week and I've been glued to my TV screen from using it. So far I've got Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. I'll be getting a lot more games for it later this year.

    I also purchased an Action Replay PowerSaves Pro device for hacking Pokemon. I only plan on using it to obtain competitive legendary Pokemon and competitive event-exclusive Pokemon. But I still like the process of breeding Pokemon legitimately and plan to continue doing that to obtain competitive breedable Pokemon.

    Other than that not too much. I'm starting a new job in the fall, so I'm currently in the process of preparing for that. I'm also going on vacation this weekend to visit my brother and his family in Florida. What's new with you?
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