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  • Oh wow that's rough, yeah I hate getting the night shift. It's not busy but not good for your sleeping, glad to see you have time to relax. :) Let me just get my charger and I'll jump online.
    Oh yeah sure thing, sorry my schedule's been kinda off lately. I can go online right now if you're ready.
    Sure thing, just shoot me a battle whenever you see me online. Or if you want to schedule a time that would be fine too. Good job playing in the tourney, that's good experience for learning battling :)
    Hey, I didn't get the e-mail about this so I only just got your message! If you don't mind waiting until thursday afternoon, I can do that :)
    I'm sorry, but I forfeit this match. I had a really pissy day and I feel that if I continued that frustrating battle any longer, I might've lost my mind.
    I will be online in 5-10 minutes. My FC should be in the "About Me" tab on my.profile. I look forward to our battle! :D
    No worries, thanks for getting back to me and letting me know. Hope everything works out and see you around the forums. :)
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