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Recent content by UnseeingRaccoon

  1. UnseeingRaccoon

    The Secret Santa Tournament

    Have we stalled at only 5?
  2. UnseeingRaccoon

    The Secret Santa Tournament

    Its been awhile since I was on the forums for anything but to lurk. I guess sign me up.
  3. UnseeingRaccoon

    UT WISHMKR Jirachi!

    I could trade you a shiny Haryama if that would work?
  4. UnseeingRaccoon

    Offensive Salamence in OU

    scizor comes to mind when i think of wall breakers. I usually try to pair it with a mixed hydreigon, but it should work with mence too. Bullet Punch is great against fairies and it resists Ice Beam which is the bane of dragons. Bulky is the way to go with it 252 HP, 252 Attack, and 4 in anything...
  5. UnseeingRaccoon

    Is generation VI a better improvemnt in comparision to gen V and other generations?

    Re: Is generation VI a better improvemnt in comparision to gen V and other generation Gen 6 is the best gen so far. I'm a child of Johto, playing the games since gold and silver were first released, but even so I loved Kalos. It had beautiful views and I really enjoyed the games overall. B/W...
  6. UnseeingRaccoon

    Water-type spinner

    Try tentacruel. It has access to knockoff and toxic spikes so you could maybe do something like [email protected] Sludge Calm 252 HP/ 252 Speed/ 4 SpAtt Toxic Spikes Rapid Spin Knock Off Scald Tentacruel has a base 100 speed so its not as slow as blastoise and its got a 120 base...
  7. UnseeingRaccoon

    Most useful Megas?

    Well, since you are doing battle spot, I would recommend using mega mence. It may may be ubers but when you go on battle spot you see aegislash and mega kanga everywhere. It really depends though if you are doing singles (more towards smogon) or doubles (more toward vcg)
  8. UnseeingRaccoon

    GEN VI: Looking for 31/31/31/31/31/0 Ditto will trade 4 shinys in return

    I need a ditto to breed trick room. As I said i'll trade a shiny scizor gengar hariyama and wingull or an combination of them to the first person to get me the ditto I need. I dont mind getting clones as long as the iv's are right. I'd prefer a brave nature but it's cool if thats not doable.
  9. UnseeingRaccoon

    RMT Pokemon Y

    It would be better if instead of their stats, you gave us their EV spreads.
  10. UnseeingRaccoon

    Offering 4 IV shiny Scizor

    I have a kalos bred shiny Scizor that I'm looking to trade for a 6 IV Ditto. My Scizor is set up like so: Scizor Nature: Adamant Ability: Technician IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/x Moves: BulletPunch X-Scizor Roost SwordsDance My friend is getting into competitive and really needs a 6 IV...
  11. UnseeingRaccoon

    5 IV Giveaways - Everything must go!

    I'd like to get one of those Gligar if possible. I could also use a Bagon, Beldum, and Hawlucha, if thats not asking too much.
  12. UnseeingRaccoon

    A few 5IV breeding leftovers (Giveaway)

    Probably about this time tomorrow.
  13. UnseeingRaccoon

    A few 5IV breeding leftovers (Giveaway)

    I'm on EST. And I have just one request, is there any chance of you maybe evolving the Gastley since I don't have a reliable way to trade evolve?
  14. UnseeingRaccoon

    I can has trade shop? Cloning! Legends and cool stuff. Gimme all your pokemanz.

    I don't think he's doing this shop anymore. I haven't heard anything from him and I made a request over 9 days ago.
  15. UnseeingRaccoon

    Halloween Party!

    No. Lol. Still doing last minute breeding and training.