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  • I haven't been keeping up with the news. You'll have to send me a link.
    Funny you should say that. I was thinking that Xerneas and Sylveon could plausibly be the same type. 'Cosmic'?
    I don't think that would defy the laws of Eevee. It could be a thought of how it would develop if its current form didn't need to adapt but did grow stronger. That was my thoughts anyway. Possibly it can use attacks of a variety of types.

    I've heard both Flying and Dragon knocked around quite a bit. Personally I don't think a new type is out of the question, and there are quite a few possible etymologies for its name aside from just Sylph.
    It's decent, much more complex tha the other eeveelutions though. As for type I suspect Normal or a new type. Your thoughts?
    I actually found most of the gifs via Photobucket. You just search there and you can find them. Hope that helps.
    The BEST anime episode is the one with the Gastly on Maiden's Point of whatever it's called - Venustoise and all that. You know the one?

    As for region, I quite like Kanto tbh. I think the towns and everything are distinct without being stupid. Best storyline is probably BW though, unfortunately the trade-off for that is that the gameplay is pretty appalling.
    I have no idea at this point. Fennekin most likely. Beyond that, I am unsure.
    Yeah, I try to avoid spoilers too.

    I'd be very surprised if Eevee isn't available, particularly since it is one of the Pokemon in the Golurk statue and has been mentioned repeatedly by Gamefreak recently.
    Hmmm... Perhaps they made the male PC on the trailer look like the BW one so people would be even more excited when they revealed the option of customisation?
    I don't think they'll bring walking Pokemon back, although I wish they would because I really liked that.

    Customisation of clothing (and maybe even things like hair style/colour, skin colour etc.) would be cool. I don't think that's off the table either. :)
    I think that's exactly what they will do. In the history of Pokemon, a third version has never been what people expected.

    Yellow - a third version was not expected full stop
    Crystal - it was named after a stone, rather than being named 'Platinum'
    Emerald - a third version was not expected as it had been supposed that remakes were being done instead of a third version
    Platinum - it was named after a metal rather than a stone
    BW2 - it was a sequel pair rather than a third version called 'grey'
    Hmmm... People always point out patterns like that. I'm not convinced. To be honest, there being a third Pokemon doesn't necessitate it being a 'Z' Pokemon either.

    The starters and the 3D scenery certainly both look awesome. It just all round looks like a fantastic game.
    I don't think it will be a Z version or a Z Pokemon. I'm not convinced there will be a third version at all, in the classic sense at least.
    Why do you say snake?

    The Golurk statue is not just a Golurk. There is also a trainer, as well as several other Pokemon. They are quite difficult to see. Off the top of my head I can remember that one is an Eevee but I'm not sure about the others.
    Well, it's to be expected, really. I mean every generation but Gen V has come out on a new platform (Gen II - GBC, Gen III - GBA, Gen IV - DS). They do it so they can make people buy the new consoles =P At the moment the 3DS isn't hugely popular but once series like Pokemon release their main series games on it, its popularity will soar.

    Don't worry too much, I was just kidding around with you. Don't try and make him or anything like that, either. Of course, he might enjoy it, so it might be worth mentioning it to him.

    I think the deer is a lot better. It's cool that you and your brother get opposite versions though! Personally, I don't think there will be a Z version.
    Probably yes, though I'm not sure at this stage. I don't even have a 3DS so it might be quite some time before I can afford both that and the new games. So, yeah, we'll see...

    And tell your brother about BMGf!
    Check Serebii!? What about the glorious garden of BMGf? j/k

    Does that mean you didn't catch the live broadcast? It was as exciting as hell. Also, since I was the only available Admin online at the time (others were either assigned to BNN, at work, or asleep) I had to open up the Current Event forum for Gen VI which was exciting too.
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