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Recent content by Untouchables_666

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    Indian Food

    I hate iNDIAN FOOD
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    Who has the best pizza?

    Its gotta be Papa Johns that spinach alfredo rocks!
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    It's Your Last Day on Earth - What's For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

    Breakfast: Pizza Lunch: Spag-Bol Dinner: Fruit/Nuts
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    The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

    Its interesting reading this thread, comparing a coal plants to nuclear power plants based on safety concerns, while a Nuclear power plant can experience a greater disaster than coal plants the immediate effects to the environment are significantly less, the major problem with the nuclear plants...
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    Hi ...

    Hi Neon Shades and welcome to the board do enjoy the forums and keep posting.
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    Long distance relationships - yes or no?

    Ha, was in a ;omg distance relationship for a while, didnt work out obviously the reason being unfaithfulness but the same thing goes for short term relations however a long distance one requires a great degree of discipline and honesty by both parties
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    What's your favorite word?

    Probably HATE.
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    Thanks thus far for all the welcomes.......
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    Hi, seems a cool forum form the onset, looking forward to being part of the forum...........