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    CoroCoro Thread (Not for XY Anime Discussion)

    Re: CoroCoro Discussion Thread I think the best part of the news we got was the picture that shows Skiddo jumping up a ledge (like the ones that you jump down from). 10/10 would buy twice, just because I can now jump up ledges.
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    New methods of evolution

    I do like the gem idea, but it might be easier to stream it down to having a Gem pokemon that holds a gem which we then have the rock pokemon hold in order to evolve with those stat boosts/that form of evolution.
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    Ideas for Gen VI Pokemon

    I'd like to see some sort of odinic wanderer Pokemon. Like some sort of fairy/psychic type or fairy/ice type who has a gray wizard's hat.
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    Aesthetics and Graphics

    I'm looking forward to my favorites, too. Come on Salamence and Dusknoir. Also Torterra. I'm hoping that the weather, whatever the weather, is shown in the battles for the entire fight.
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    SPOILERS: Gen VI Pokemon Discussion

    Re: Revealed Gen VI Pokemon Discussion/Speculation Thread You stroke the hilt.
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    First look at the XY 3DS XL!

    Dang it, I need money, now so I can get the gold one.
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    SPOILERS: Starter Discussion

    Re: Starter Discussion and Speculation I think that a heavy tanky grass for Chespin would be really neat. Especially if it gets an ability or second-typing that allows it to negate some of its weaknesses. But, if it's going to be a hedgehog, I want to see it get pin missile. Just because.
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    SPOILERS: Starter Discussion

    Re: Starter Discussion and Speculation Maybe Froakie uses some different kind of martial arts? Some western style that's about movement and speed? Say, lightweight boxing?
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    What do you think of another mall tour

    I'd have to drive across the mountains to get to Colorado or across the desert to get to Nevada, since they never stop in my state, so it kind of doesn't matter to me since I can't drive that far for something like that.
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    Moves/Abilities That You Think A Pokemon Should Have (XY Edition)

    I'd like to seem more type coverage with Lilligant. My poor Sabina keeps getting the crap kicked out of her.
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    The Fairy Type and Alterations to Type Chart

    I'm not all that fond of additional types, currently. I'm going to have trouble remembering all the type match-ups and double-type match-ups without a guide with 18 single types and some absurd number of unique combinations. Blargh. Plus, Light kind of makes me go bleh when there could be a...
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    Pokémon-amie: new bonding feature

    It's run by Smogon, which is the closest to official we have in the way of PvP battling.
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    The Fairy Type and Alterations to Type Chart

    Actually it's full name is "Cold-Forged Iron", meaning that it hasn't been shaped in a forge's fire. It's because smithing was seen as an arcane art, and therefore, arcane creatures would have protection from the arcanely made steel. So instead they either cold-beat the iron into shapes or...
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    Characters and Plot

    "Hi! Mommy says not to burn things at home because I burned the house down! Now I get to burn you down!"
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    New Pokemon Storage System in Generation 6?

    Personally I really like the HGSS system, but I still get annoyed at the fact that it doesn't open my party when I pick up a pokemon...