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  • Just wanted to say thanks for the follow and a Great early birthday this Sunday because I feel like it!
    I agree they are very pricey. The one I want the most is Super Sailor Moon (she's stunning) and Sailor Pluto. Oh yeah I've seen the Girls Memories statues and they are super pretty! I love how they are posed the same way they pose when they're done transforming in the anime. That's cool, are you planning on getting all the Sailor Senshi or just the ones you like the best?
    Yeah I do but its nothing too extravagant, lol. I have some of the Irwin toy dolls (the smaller versions) that came out in the early 2000s as well as some VHS copies of the 90s anime I had when I was a kid, mainly from season 1 and 3. I also have the 3 theatrical movies on VHS. The newest Sailor Moon thing I got recently was the Viz media re dub of the 90s anime. I got season 1 part 1 on DVD and I plan to get all 5 seasons eventually. I can't wait for Stars to be released since it was never dubbed in English let alone released for English speaking viewers, there was a ton of controversy with the season. :D

    Something I don't have and want to get sometime soon are the S.H. Figuarts of all the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask.

    How about yourself?
    Its pretty much spot on with the manga in that each episode is based off an act in the manga. I'm assuming you haven't watched the 90s anime? Its very fast paced and gets to the point. The 90s anime went at a steadier pace and had filler (which I liked since it gave the girls some character development). Its not perfect by any means but if you're a Sailor Moon fan I think you'll definitely appreciate it. But yeah we got one season that was 26 episodes long. The first 13 episodes are about the Dark Kingdom and then the next 13 are about the Black Moon. I'm crossing my fingers that we get all 60 acts adapted into Crystal format. xD
    Did you watch the latest anime of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal? I'm hoping that we get an announcement for a season 2 soon! We must get the manga adaptations of Infinity, Dream, and Stars adapted into Sailor Moon Crystal format.
    Interesting. I assume that series is where you got your username from.

    I used to have a fair amount of comic books, including a Justice League/Looney Toons crossover, but younger siblings, several moves, time, and flooding have destroyed pretty much all of them.
    I also used to read the Archie series, especially Archie's Weird Mysteries.
    I figured your brother would know Trelane. I assume he likes my current theme?
    As far as comics go, I read DC and Marvel mostly.
    I do admit to being more familiar with the TV shows than the comic books, but stuff like X-Men, Avengers, Spider-man, Justice League. I even dabble a tiny bit into Star Trek comic books. I purchased the DC comic featuring Trelane at a Star Trek convention back in June.
    Thanks a lot!
    (for the friend request!)
    You, along with many others, make the Fun & Games section fun
    My avatar, for reference is General Trelane. If your brother came up with the agonizer thing, give him my compliments, tell him I am growing a nice goatee to go with the agonizer, and ask him about General Trelane.
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