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Recent content by UxieLover1994

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    PREVIEW: SS008: Don't Lose, Pochama! The Drift Ice Race in Sinnoh!!

    Well, Brock might return later on, but it wouldn't be related to DP, and he's more likely to be paired with Misty than Dawn. His appearance might be just another reminder that he exists, even though there's a good chance he'd have to be reintroduced because none of the kids from 2018 would be...
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    Sword and Shield Countdown Thread

    At least my family has Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled. Each month's Grand Prix makes the time go faster. And besides, I've also been playing Final Fantasy VIII on the Switch and currently on Disc 3 (out of 4). Just 35 hours left for us trainers in Adelaide. EB Games usually opens around 9am.
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    SPOILERS Why does everyone hate sword and shield?

    I've preordered Shield, and my friend intends to get Sword when the games come out on Friday. Even with only 400 Pokémon, both of us see SwSh as a huge improvement over LGPE, and look forward to visiting Galar. In my view, SwSh is just another testing game for the Switch, and the next games will...
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    SPOILERS Regional Dex Discussion

    Some believe that LGPE was a testing ground for the Switch when it comes to future Pokémon games, hence why it only has 153 Pokémon, lacks items and abilities, and was advertised as a remake of Yellow. SwSh is the next stage, but this time testing the traditional gameplay we've had since...
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    PREVIEW: SS001: Pikachu is Born!

    22 years, and the writers finally decide to expand on the universe instead of shifting it aside in favor of watching Ash become a champion after seven attempts. I hope it's not just towards Pikachu's backstory. Even if we do, I doubt Pikachu will evolve even after the sun becomes a red giant.
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    Dynamax: Thoughts, Feelings, or Concerns

    If Mewtwo gets a Gigantamax form (if it's even in SwSh), then we have a serious issue. But I would think that this is yet another experiment from Game Freak, and another testing ground for the Switch after LGPE, with more options (even if we can't have all 800+ Pokémon programmed here). If...
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    PREVIEW: SM142: Burn! Swell Up!! Full Battle!!!

    Venusaur and Empoleon, huh? If the battle continues into SM143, would Kukui's last Pokémon be an Alolan Ninetales? It would be a good reflection into how he has the three evolved forms of Pokémon that rejected evolution (Ash's Bulbasaur, Dawn's Piplup, and Snowy).
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    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    Neo Blaze warned us in the first post to not let this forum get political. You guys didn't pay attention. We devolved from speaking over this new series to fighting over business deals and money. This isn't the first franchise who's creators had to make controversial choices. Ask again why...
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    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    On one hand, DP is the next set of games expected to get remakes for the Switch. But who's to say the last few SM episodes/first few episodes of SwSh take place in Kanto as a last minute reflect of LGPE. You know, it isn't cool to pick fights with other people over their opinions, especially if...
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    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    The new trainer looks quite androgynous from my point of view. I thought this was a male at first. Ash, Pikachu, Jessie, James, and Meowth are the only real characters in the series, so the latter three will turn up in the SwSh series. We can expect a trailer on Sunday with them. So, not only...
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    REVIEW: SM139: Birth! The Alola Champion!!

    To make a series more appealing to long time fans who've watched the anime as kids, the better thing to do is acknowledge the older seasons, bring back previous cast members, have jokes that are generally funny instead of forced, and maybe have an episode where Ash finally turns 11 to show the...
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    Alola League: Overall Thoughts

    I see Ash winning this league as mainly an author's saving throw after the backlash against the Kalos League. Compare my response to the Kalos League... ...to my response to the Alola League If anything, Ash losing Alola (and then Galar, and the IX and X Leagues) would deal more damage to the...
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    REVIEW: SM139: Birth! The Alola Champion!!

    Ash... won? Does this mean Tarzan returns to Kingdom Hearts now? He'll still be around for the SwSh series, most likely. Doubt they just let Ash win this one just to state he's finished his journey and became a Pokémon Master so they could reboot the anime. A win is prestige, after all, not the...
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    PREVIEW: SM139: Birth! The Alola Champion!!

    Even the page itself has no recorded cases of foiler footage from Pokémon, and even I'm praying this won't be the first time Ash is leaked to be the winner in previews, only to lose in the actual episode.
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    PREVIEW: SM139: Birth! The Alola Champion!!

    There is a good reason why many of us continue to doubt Ash will win this league. There is a phenomenon that TV Tropes refers to as Foiler Footage that has the writers intentionally create fake footage so that spoilers won't be leaked out. This has been done several times before, as the link...