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  • Yw.

    To sum it all up, I do that because I want people to know that I'm grateful for them reading what I have to say.
    I know it sounds..awkward but it's a habit I've developed over the years.
    If it bothers you, please ignore it.

    Lol, I can't deny it, but I am known for that.
    But I don't live off that recognition.
    Frankly, doesn't matter if I'm known or not.
    Know what I mean?

    I thought Grotle (And Croco whatever) we're gotten at level 18 or 19?
    Yeah, there hasn't been a word about it since it was shown.
    I wonder what happened to Pokabu..
    I guess they finally figured out that Bacon and an Egg (Pokémon egg) would not be a good thing for a hungry person to carry.
    Yep, my guess is that they probably won't have HMs.
    Or they'll make the ones that are actually worth-while hard to get. (Earthquake, etc.)
    Also, when the Trainer throws the Pokeball in the Anime and it fails, it goes back to them.
    It better do the same in the games..
    Cool. :p
    What do you think of Mijumaru's first evolved form (Probably level 21 most likely to keep the cuteness of Miju alive.)
    Do you like the idea of TMs never running out? :p
    I'm so used to seeing you as Blaine on Serebii that it's weird seeing you as a deflated Mijumaru on here lol.

    Happy belated birthday.
    No, I know it's not old :) it's just that when I was 18, I just felt like it would take forever to get here, like it was so far away and yet... here I am... it just went so fast. Oh well...

    I know it's that but it's still weird when I'm still in college. Going out to see the world, travelling, studying, that always felt more important to me than settling down and having a steady job by age 23.
    That's true... though I still go out to have dinner with a few friends each year. Mid-twenties feels old somehow cause I'm gonna turn 24 next month and I'm freaking out. Especially with my mom saying I should start saving for my retirement or a down payment on a home... O___O

    :D Hope it was good cake and a good day overall!
    Awww... ok XD hope you'll join us one day... (we don't really talk there about the anime all the time, but maybe it's better I won't tell you about all our forum members shipping discussions XDDD )
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