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  • I am enjoying it so far.
    Thanks. I have a list of puns like that, and I'll occasionally switch 'em up.
    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to take some time out and write this message to all my friends. As you all know today is easter and I just wanted to say I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time today with their families and don't drink too much like I did today. :D
    Hey, I still would like that Ditto you said you had for me. I'm still willing to EV train something for you if you are still up for the trade.

    EDIT: Lemme know a few days in advance when you think you'll be able to trade so I can make sure to be available at the same time. We seem to keep missing each other.
    I still have that shiny magmimite for you.
    Also I have white now as well, so my black decides to be a jerk I got a back up.
    I think my black should now I did a trade earlier this week!
    About time! I'm semi back, but I still can't get the DS to work with my wireless, so I might have to end up buying a 3DS for less connectivity issues. I've still got those EV trained pokemon sitting in SS for you =P
    I really need 2 flawless Dittos, adamant if possible but any nature will do. Can you clone? If so then I can offer a shiny Cyndaquil I hatched a while ago, UT. If not I don't have anything special to offer though I do have many older pokemon so if you're looking for something, maybe I can help you out. Also, are any of these Dittos non-english?
    No worries. I know some people don't like answering PMs so it was my fault.
    hey, i hope your wifi is fixed now, and i would like to finish our transaction with the jolly and adamant ditto in my arsenal =)
    I'll take you not answering my PM as a no, then? Alright, thanks anyway. :]

    Oh, and incase you don't recognise me I used to be Janovy/Washibon/Wooguru. :p
    Oh, and as for EV-training something for you, you don't mind if I give it POKéRUS, do you? It'll make my job a lot easier. :p
    Oh, very nice. This is probably the best tool any non-AR user can have! If I had known about this a week ago I could have saved UT copies of that stuff I bred. Oh well xD

    I will have to decide whether I want to trade my non-RNG babies. I always like them more than the abused ones, same with my stuff from last Gen <3
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