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  • You have no reason to threat when i'm around! Trust me, sugar, when I make a friend, its FOR LIFE.

    Aww, thank you...

    I hope you also feel better! *hug*

    (i have aspergers syndrome, by the way...)
    I hope your day has been lovely thus far! I have a sore throat, I need to sleep. Insomnia is a terrable medication side effect....But i'll try to keep good spirits anyways!:sweatlol:;-)
    Hi, i'm in a happier mood now :) If you still would enjoy to chat with me, of course..~

    We can talk about ponies...or something.

    I'm looking at my Riku album. My taste in guys amuses me...
    I posted in your newbie thread, too! Read it when you find the time to. :)

    Sorry if i'm a bit annoying at all xD; I can't help it...I really like your name....also, your personality sounds coool! I like befriending all the happy people....yet I crush on emotional guys like Riku in the Kingdom Hearts games....what a hottie....

    I'm such a strange girl.....
    If your new here, I welcome you with my cutest 'curtsy'...and an awesome smile.

    PikaTuesday you are my new bff, if you wanna be!!!


    *make's you a flower crown*

    I like...

    Dresses! Pokemon! Video games! Kingdom Hearts! Vanguard! Creepy Pasta! Animals! Making Blingees! Super Smash Brothers Melee! Being Random and silly! Ponies! Muuusic! Extextext...XD
    *curtsy's... gracefully? (i think thats a good idea...)* Your name...it's soo cute! Imma gonna buddy request you now~*sparkly eyes*

    Note; I'm more hyper than this post may make you believe! XD; I hope we can get along okay...

    *hum's a kingdom hearts tune at the comp screen*
    Hello, since you are new here, you are probably not quite familiar with the rules. Recently, you posted a post saying "this". However, that goes against one of the rules here for being a "pointless post", because there isn't anything substantial about it. It is recommended that you click the "Like" button at the bottom-right corner of that post if you agree with it.

    Sorry to say this, but it will be deleted. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the Pokemon World staff.

    Thanks for reading, and greetings at the forums!
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