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  • with that slight mixed team, already made it to the Elite 4 - haven't battled yet,
    a quick look at everyone so far:
    Nice, good luck
    thanks - only used 5 Pokemon,
    one fainted, Curtis, due to that 'critical hit'
    Sherrie didn't get to battle, since the last Pokemon also hit with a critical hit before I could change Pokemon
    almost done with my other team (I shared the photo below) - almost at Elite 4
    still long way before I get a Switch... so will likely play another team
    a Fairy team... at least 4 of the Pokemon will be dual type - all will share Fairy typing
    already planed out the 6 Pokemon - just tougher part of picking names I haven't used before
    Sylveon, Slurpuff, Alolan Ninetales, Primarina, Mimikyu, and Shiinotic
    about to start working on another large drawing - so far I got the rough sketch finished
    kind of my guide for the drawing

    left to right:
    • Firox Flareon greeting the Thievul
    • on Firox's head is Enis (the curious young Vee kit)
    • both Mia and Vee (two female Vee kits) also watching while resting Firox's tail
    • the other two playful younger Vees (Kev and Matt) just playing in front
    • Thievul kind of watching surprised, more from the friendly greetings
    • the last Vee kit, Tony waving,, probably asking for dessert or other food
    • Nickit standing next to ?, looking at the dessert that it invited
    • ? (my Eevee friend) sharing a slice of cheesecake with Nickit, kind of friendly greeting
    • Linette Leafeon on the back, petting the back fur wondering how it feels like
    • Jyo Espeon admiring wondering what the two other foxes are

    (I don't have name yet for Nickit or Thievul)
    almost time to switch over to Vaporeon
    will change my username as well, to the name I call my Vaporeon
    Such a cute avatar. I use Vaporeon as my avatar too for most of the time, but I decided to use something else for a change to celebrate the release of the new Pokémon games.
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    Reactions: Vay
    Tjats good
    I changed to celebrate Vaporeon Day
    I'm at the Aether Paradise you can tell, 3 Pokemon I love most I use a lot, the other three still struggling to like still giving a chance
    I love Sylvee, so its the one I rely on the most

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    Reactions: Vulpix037
    I don't really care about the gender.
    Certain times I do
    Sometimes not
    likely next team won't have a 'starter' either - none of the starters are Fairy type
    going to do a Fairy type team next
    sadly for now, still don't have a Nintendo Switch, do have 3 games - "Mario Odyssey", "Let's Go Eevee", and "Pokemon Shield" - can't wait to play them
    When are you planning on getting a Switch? Just curious.
    around late January or early February, do hope sooner
    for upcoming drawings, working on one, to give an idea of how its looking like:

    Hope its looking cute, its a Fennekin wearing a Mokorotlo
    a traditional Sesotho straw hat that worn in South Africa and Lesotho
    Just need to finish rest of Fennekin
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    Reactions: chibighost
    almost done with that drawing
    got the sketch on my art topic
    while watching Orange Islands - working on 4 drawings -
    2 inspired by a movie I love, Wayne's World
    1 is a friend request (red fox, non Pokemon)
    1 based on on one of my newer Geography sonas, a Fennekin
    before starting the Orange Islands - watching my most favorite episode in my other language
    (Spanish, Latin American) "un divertido hallazgo en las flores" (a frolicking find in the flowers)
    even if by now I keep hearing it for years, Gerardo Vásquez voice is strange - Meowth's voice dub actor in Spanish dub
    I wish I could watch the episode in every dubbed language made
    so far only seen it in English, Spanish, and original Japanese
    Nice! I have just broken into the fourth season, it's alright so far, the first season in Johto was absolutely amazing for me.
    so glad you enjoy it, can't wait to see some of them - I remember some episodes I liked, others I disliked
    from premier years, and now - my likings have changed
    one month away from my 34th birthday - this year will once again fall on Friday the 13th
    yep, in December
    uh oh...
    then will have to wait 7 years for another Friday the 13th birthday
    hey, better than having to be born on Feb 29th
    Finished with the first season of Pokemon anime
    will say that my top three favorite episodes, top one should be no surprise as an Eevee fan
    01 - "The Battling Eevee Brothers" (so much Eeveeness in this one)
    02 - "The Ultimate Test" (the one episode that made me laugh the most)
    03 - "The Song of Jigglypuff" (not sure what it is that made me laugh

    three I hated the most, yep ranked as "0"
    01 - "The Kanghaskhan Kid" (even with my strong dislike of bugs... this is still for me worst episode ever)
    02 - "Challenge of the Samurai" (too many bugs, that 'Metapod v Metapod' was so boring)
    03 - "Bye Bye Butterfree" (yep, too much focus on bugs)
    01 - 04/10 - Pokemon, I Choose You
    02 - 03/10 - Pokemon Emergency
    03 - 01/10 - Ash Catches a Pokemon
    04 - 00/10 - Challenge of the Samurai
    05 - 03/10 - Showdown in Pewter City
    06 - 06/10 - Clefairy and the Moon Stone
    07 - 04/10 - Water Flowers of Cerulean City
    08 - 08/10 - The Path to the Pokemon League
    09 - 08/10 - The School of Hard Knocks
    10 - 05/10 - Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village
    11 - 09/10 - Charmander - The Stray Pokemon
    12 - 06/10 - Here Comes the Squirlte Squad
    13 - 10/10 - Mystery at the Light House
    14 - 10/10 - Electric Shock Showdown
    15 - 09/10 - Battle Aboard the St. Anne
    16 - 06/10 - Pokemon Shipwreck
    17 - 05/10 - Island of the Giant Pokemon
    18 - 07/10 - Holiday at Aopulco (Japanese subbed)
    19 - 05/10 - Tentacool and Tentacruel
    20 - 10/10 - The Ghosts of Maiden Peak
    21 - 00/10 - Bye Bye Butterfree
    22 - 08/10 - Abra and the Psychic Showdown
    23 - 07/10 - The Tower of Terror
    24 - 07/10 - Haunter vs Kadabra
    25 - 08/10 - Primeape Goes Bananas
    26 - 04/10 - Pokemon Scent-Sation
    27 - 05/10 - Hypno's Naptime
    28 - 07/10 - Pokemon Fashion Flash
    29 - 02/10 - The Punch Pokemon
    30 - 02/10 - Sparks Fly for Magnemite
    31 - 01/10 - Dig Those Diglett
    32 - 09/10 - The Ninja-Poke Showdown
    33 - 10/10 - Flame Pokemon-Athon
    34 - 00/10 - The Kangashkan Kid
    35 - 09/10 - The Legend of Dratini (Japanese subbed)
    36 - 06/10 - The Bridge Bike Gand
    37 - 07/10 - Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
    38 - 10/10 - Electric Soldier Porygon (Japanese subbed)
    39 - 06/10 - Pikachu's Goodbye
    40 - 11/10 - The Battling Eevee Brothers
    41 - 02/10 - Wake Up Sonrlax
    42 - 02/10 - Showdown at Dark City
    43 - 01/10 - The March of the Exeggutor Squad
    44 - 06/10 - The Problem with Paras
    45 - 10/10 - The Song of Jigglypuff
    46 - 08/10 - Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
    47 - 09/10 - A Chancey Operation
    48 - 09/10 - Holy Matrimony
    49 - 06/10 - So Near Yet So Farfetch'd
    50 - 05/10 - Who Gets to Keep Togepi
    51 - 02/10 - Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
    52 - 09/10 - Princess vs Princess
    53 - 09/10 - The Purr-fect Hero
    54 - 10/10 - Case of the K-9 Capers
    55 - 07/10 - Pokemon Paparazzi
    56 - 10/10 - The Ultimate Test
    57 - 09/10 - The Breeding Center Secret
    58 - 08/10 - Riddle Me This
    59 - 08/10 - Volcanic Panic
    60 - 02/10 - Beach Blank-Out Blastoise
    61 - 03/10 - The Misty Mermaid
    62 - 07/10 - Clefairy Tales
    63 - 10/10 - The Battle of the Badge
    64 - 01/10 - It's Mr. Mime Time
    65 - 07/10 - Holiday Hi-Jynx
    66 - 03/10 - Snow Way Out
    67 - 02/10 - Showdown at the Poke-Coral
    68 - 02/10 - The Evolution Solution
    69 - 05/10 - The Pi-Kahuna
    70 - 04/10 - Make Room for Gloom
    71 - 04/10 - Lights, Camera, Quacktion!
    72 - 10/10 - Go West Young Meowth
    73 - 03/10 - To Master an Onix
    74 - 01/10 - The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis
    75 - 06/10 - Bad to the Bone
    76 - 07/10 - All Fired Up
    77 - 07/10 - Round One - Begin!
    78 - 07/10 - Fire and Ice
    79 - 07/10 - Fourth Round Rumble
    80 - 07/10 - A Friend in Deed
    81 - 07/10 - Friends or Foe Alike
    82 - 07/10 - Friend to the End

    for me:
    00 / 10 - 3 episodes
    01 / 10 - 5 episodes
    02 / 10 - 8 episodes
    03 / 10 - 5 episodes
    04 / 10 - 5 episodes
    05 / 10 - 7 episodes
    06 / 10 - 8 episodes
    07 / 10 - 15 episodes
    08 / 10 - 7 episodes
    09 / 10 - 8 episodes
    10 / 10 - 8 episodes
    11 / 10 - 3 episodes
    i'm sorry but why tf did you rate wake up snorlax 2/10?
    (moved this part to first reply)
    Orange Islands next for me
    Snorlax was cute, most of the episode was a bit on the boring side for me
    Been watching first half of the first season of the anime - most episodes I really dislike, rated 4 or lower
    • Like
    Reactions: LazySpy
    Mai prophecy came true. (Who would've guessed)
    true, getting to some episodes I do like - first season didn't have too much I enjoyed
    my top 2 most hated episodes of all are in the first season
    yaay, so happy
    I love my local football (well soccer for us dumb americans) team, and was watching the MLS Cup game
    so happy that my local team won
    Seattle Sounders FC 3 - 1 Toronto FC
    • Like
    Reactions: Rainbow Cloud
    I know - I agree as well - I do watch the other sport as well, I just simply call it NFL, or American Rugby, more closely resembles that sport
    • Like
    Reactions: Ebail
    Which reminds me congrats on seeing the team you like get the win today. Unfortunately the football (NFL) team I like lost so it's always nice to see other teams fans (even if it was a different sport) see em win.
    I know that feeling
    next time will be better luck
    like I mentioned to Max
    Might do something I haven't done in so long
    will rewatch every episode of Pokemon anime in English, in order, give them each a rating according to how I like them
    I know will take me a long time, so might do 5 to 7 episodes a day
    first season did had lots of episodes I dislike, and my top 2 most hated episodes are also from the 1st season
    I know that, I'll go for it later on
    will likely look for poses for drawing inspiration
    each season has at least 6 episodes I know I love - and 6 I really hate
    When I watched all the episodes of PokeAni chronologically, there were at least a hundreth moments I wanted to smash my screen... And a hundreth more moments I nearly fell asleep. -_-

    Like, I can appreciate it that the series writing does improve a little bit, but the constant push towards the TRio formulla still made those episodes pretty boring. And even some of the better episodes were still good only because they broke away from that formulla, and even then they weren't really all that great or amazing on their own, just... Diffirent.
    I know that feeling, will be the same way at times

    TRIo did have a couple of funny episodes, many where so silly
    I know at times I will want to quit
    I'm guessing Its some sort school testing week
    Last time many were gone was reason they give
    Look like lots of regulars have left
    Less and less forum replies
    next update of where I am with the mixed team in Pokemon Sun - just starting on Ula'ula Island
    Relying a lot on Sherrie Sylveon more than the rest, still trying to give all an equal chance
    not sure why image doesn't want to work - I can see image good when I edit
    I know I copied it correctly - image is the team
    next update of where I am with the mixed team in Pokemon Sun - just starting on Ula'ula Island
    Relying a lot on Sherrie Sylveon more than the rest, still trying to give all an equal chance
    might do something similar for the other types (except bugs since don't like any)
    some easy and some harder
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