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  • just realized this month we have a Friday the 13th - this year, my birthday will also fall on Friday the 13th
    so lucky me (in December)
    Pokemon camp still my most favorite feature, Amie/Refresh of the 8th gen, my most used feature
    and saw Leafy, so at least my favorite of all Pokemon are there (Eevee)
    not much info on the new Pokemon I was hoping for (regional cat)
    almost done with my drawing, just need a few more playing Eevees then I can upload and share it
    my early prediction for the next Shield Sword info on Sept 1 - likely going to be disappointing again
    nothing new, in Pokemon themselves, probably just showing the same as before probably just going to show something closer in another town
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    i think they will have new pokemon in it, but i doubt that they'll announce the starter evolutions
    hopefully, I'm assuming nothing new in Pokemon, its just my early prediction
    working on another drawing, featuring my Lucario friend's sona on it
    Lucario, Leafeon, Espeon, and Eevees
    I know I have not been replying much this last couple days - had been very ill - starting to feel much better
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    I'm sure it wasn't a stomach virus - Sunday all I had to eat was two hot dogs, but other family members also had hot dogs, none of them got ill, the only other thing I had was some tea I had found, must have been over 3 or 4 years old, (maybe that made me ill)
    counted 111 moves, could be more I might have missed - Pokemon moves that end with E
    time to keep annoying that topic "Pokemon Move Starting With" by ending all I can with "e"
    Next time info will be good
    Another month of frustrating wait - enjoy the day
    extremely disappointed with the new Pokemon info - well another month of waiting
    as tomorrow is Cat Day was expecting to see the regional cat or at least the Galar form Meowth
    do hope for some good news in the Shield and Sword info August 2019 - like I mentioned to Max, likely not holding any hopes for any good news, if any - my early prediction: likely just going to be repeats of current Pokemon and current gimmics/towns that we seen already, just in different poses and agles
    my only wish if any new Pokemon revealed - to see the regional cat
    ground was shaking early in my morning - there was a small earthquake today in the Pacific Northwest, not too far from where I lives, it was small, 4.6, at 2:50 am I didn't even feel asleep - hopefully won't be similar to Ridgecrest, CA - when a larger one hit a day after
    Something funny that happen to me last night:
    one of my cats took 2/3ds of the tuna I had for making tuna sandwich
    I set it on the counter, didn't noticed that the kitty jumped up on the counter, spotted the tuna, as I was toasting bread, getting other ingredients ready
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