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  • What bothers me is that you're not actually suggesting any ideas for a new event. You're just adamant that the Ace Trainer's reference has to mean something, as if it meaning nothing would be that strange (considering Game Freak's track record).

    Speaking of Celebi, I don't remember you expecting anything much prior to HGSS' release. You didn't think Generation V would be released a year later (practically no one did), but you also didn't expect Celebi to unlock a time travel event, and you definitely didn't think it would be catchable because you (correctly) assumed it was being reserved for Movie 13. Basically, you didn't expect anything special whatsoever, and this was at a time when we thought Generation VI would be quite long. So what makes Keldeo more interesting than Celebi, or Challenger's Cave more intriguing than Ilex Forest?
    FRLG were released in a separate generation and added the Sevii Islands. It stood to reason that Game Freak wanted to make use of the new setting; they did not just move Moltres to some pre-existing location. In HGSS, they had to put Moltres in Mt. Silver because the Sevii Islands were not accessible and Victory Road was part of the Johto segment of the story.

    In-game events tend to be underwhelming. Keldeo's event has more backstory than any of the other events in Black and White (Zorua, Zoroark, Victini, Meloetta and Genesect) and yet you're not complaining about those. You can't very well expect Keldeo to trigger some war event; it doesn't have any power to alter reality, unlike Arceus and Celebi.

    Again, it would be far more interesting to see where Keldeo has been traveling. To have it be found in Challenger's Cave would just be confounding to anyone who paid attention to the Moor of Icirrus event. Keldeo is supposed to have left its foster parents to go off on an adventure, as opposed to isolating itself for no reason.
    If you thought we could catch Keldeo in that event, then what reason did you have to expect a separate event? Don't bring up Giratina because it was a version mascot.

    I don't remember you taking issue with Celebi not having an in-game location in HGSS. In fact, you were pretty quick to dismiss the GS Ball event as no longer being canon, and now you think the Giovanni event might not be canon. Considering that only two of the five event Pokémon in Generation IV (including Celebi) were catchable, I'd say it is no longer a priority to give every event Pokémon an in-game location so much as a story.

    The thing is that we have a fairly good idea that Keldeo has been traveling the world, and yet you're making a big deal about Challenger's Cave. It would make far more sense if Keldeo were made available via the Wii game, or failing that, a possible Ranger sequel.
    You could have said that you didn't remember the event (or at least the dialogue). While it is not uncommon for us to have a debate, shouldn't it be about things that are not easy to determine?
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