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  • i'm sad to hear about your DS and your Black Version :(

    i hope you can get another one of those really soon...
    I've just noticed that the Steelix Jasmine trades to the player in HGSS has the same nickname as the one she used in Sinnoh's Super Contests. Obviously, Jasmine's last chronoglogical appearance takes place in HGSS.

    I'd put the order of her appearances as follows: Olivine (Lighthouse event and Gym battle) -> Sunyshore (first visit to Sinnoh) -> Celadon (conversation with Erika about going back to Sinnoh) -> Hearthome (first Super Contest) -> Olivine (trade)
    Oh, that makes sense... so it's more figurative than literal...

    I'm from the US, and speak English as my first language, but I'm passable in spanish.... I didn't know that word means what it did.

    I can understand Spanish without much problem when someone's speaking to me or when I'm reading
    and I can speak it decently, but not as well as I can understand it when hearing/reading it
    I'm hoping "rompecabezas" was a word you made up, lol...
    actually, I'm hoping you didn't make it up, headbreaker is an awesome word, and if it was actually in spanish...

    (if you can't tell, spanish isn't my first language)
    De casualidad,tienes cuenta en skype?Varias otras gentes del foro nos reunimos communmente a chatear de las cosas mas triviales e irrelevantes,es una buena forma de desestresarse y tambien seria bueno para seguir en contacto aparte de los vms/pms :D
    P-pero...Best Wishes...a sido demasiado estilo hasta ahora,especialmente esta semana que Bel aparecio con toda su adorable hilarante actitud D:
    Por el amor martificado de Lenon,!¿Cómo que no tendras vacaciones este año?!eso me suena a que ya raya en la explotacion!D:

    Van muy bien,no tengo mucho que contar xD reuniendome con la famila y amigos a celebrar y el resto del tiempo me dedico a trabajar en los concursos navideños de la pagina o en los dibujitos para el pokedex :D

    Al contrario,gracias a ti por tomarte el tiempo en tu vida atareada de responder!
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