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  2. Hey everyone, confused about all the staff name changes? Want to get in on the villainy? Well then stop by here to see a list of staff name changes and to let us know what villain you will be theming this month! Happy Halloween from the forum staff!
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    1. Darth Darkrai
    2. Queen Cynthia
      Queen Cynthia
      Well, because from my point of view, Alder doesn't deserve to be a champion in the first place. Just look at his clownish behavior: Hitting on every woman he sees, falling asleep during battles, not taking battles seriously, being gluttonous and so on. It's this kind of ridiculous behavior that's not worthy of a real champion.
      In contrast, Cynthia is serious, superior, gracious and powerful and that's why Alder will never be able to hold a candle to her.
    3. archer
      Hey, would you mind trading tomorrow evening? Sorry to have to ask, it just looks like I won't be able to trade tonight. Thanks!
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