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  • Because he wants to work at my dads garage.

    And I accidentally fell asleep so I logged back in to say good night!
    For now though it's just save save save for me. xD Though my mom has been somewhat nicer to me and gave me my brothers room.
    Both provide a great opportunity to get out there and explore haha. And that's pretty much my line of thought right now. Once I start saving some place I can get animation jobs will probably be a likelier candidate.
    I don't envy her at all. She was telling me she might move to Texas though. Made me think about where I wanted to go myself a bit.
    A lot of guys are interested in her from what I gather. And she's told me stories about how her ex asked her to marry him however....he has a new girlfriend. So kinda!
    I'm a nina-fide vampire Louie! My doctor said so! xD And that's pretty much the case with me and her all the time, lots of awkward silence between the conversations. Though it wasn't that awkward, she caught me up on her love life and future plans.
    I never eat properly, but she was slaving away in the kitchen for the cook out so she didn't want her hard work to go to waste. And honestly for me it's because I don't know what to say to her, like even though I had my fun there were gaps of silence where I didn't know what to say.
    My friend made sure I ate. But I did really, we caught up since I haven't spoken to her since last year.
    I'm a tad tired. I just came back from a friends birthday cookout and popped on here and found you! :')
    A little bird said you were looking for me! Though I've been the most negligent person as of late. >.<
    Okay see ya Louie ^^ The pleasure is mine o/ Hope we can talk some other time, and you can talk to Nina again~
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