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  • Oh, so this year will be a pretty intense one. Good luck.

    I can't check right now, but they have 3-5 IVs and I think one of them has HA :p
    Hahaha yeah you told me. Does it have perfect IVs?
    Oh, so you got my messages? Perfect. Gonna check now.
    May be your last? How so? It seems like your system is waaay different than here xd

    Oh, make no mistake, I did not breed that Noibat xd got it by trade. I also have some god eevees :p oh, I would love to have a shiny Vulpix.
    Hahah do not worry. Team eevee is not a priority now. Leavanny and zoroark are :p
    Umbreon? Cool I want one named Saturn.
    Btw, I sent you a message on tumblr.
    Well, unis will close here on the 20th of Dec and they will open up again at the 7th of Jan :p

    Oh, great. Then tumblr it is :)

    Perfect. My Noibat has 5 perfect IVs so we will get ourselves some great Noiverns xd
    Thanks :) hmmm well, if I am lucky I will get a lot of shiny eevees because I want to have a shiny eevee team with each member having a nickname based in planets. Like Jupiter for Jolteon..etc but priority is Sylv, umbr and Glaceon. You?
    Oh, I see. Well, when pokebank opens we will have holidays here so it would be a nice timing. :)

    Thank you so much. I am going out for mivies now and when I am back I am going to try and set it up :)

    Joint MM sounds like a great idea. I have some great parents for Eevee, Noibat and some other poke so I can also hrlp you with that :)
    Nah, lets do it together. It would be better :D
    Oh, then I think I will enjoy battling with you once pokebank is up :)
    Oh, I see. I can help you if you want? I will be more than happy :) you have to tell me how of course. And how can I do it as well? I want a shiny Eevee. I have been looking for ages now. I Need my freedom lol.
    I apologize for not being able to reply earlier. I had a physio exam yesterday and I couldn't come online.

    Oh, I see and I'm glad to hear that everything is fine :)

    Wow that's quite the team :) I have never used Porygon or any of its evos in battle. Is it anything good? I\m thinking about a strategy team, but I still need to start breeding.

    Oh, I see. So, this is this Gen's RNG? Shiny value? I wanna check mine. How do I do it?
    Oh, that's ok. I've actually noticed that it's been sometime since you have last been active here. I hope that everything is ok :)

    I have an amazing idea for a competitive team, but the severe lack of time and the fact that I will have to breed stuff from 0 ( As all team members are somewhat unconventional pokemon) is preventing me from getting it ready :( What team do you have in mind?

    Instacheck? I'm afraid I haven't. What's that?
    Hahahaha yeah. The worst case I 'd have to say with the guy in Mexico.
    Oh, well congrats on completeing your second collection :D And I'm deeply sorry for not being able to help you :(
    I had a Breloom yesterday lol And I think I have a safari with Shroomish.
    I could not catch that guy on line yesterday either :(
    I can give you my sun ( the one you gave me) and you can give me your over-leveled one?
    Yeah, the same for me with Americans. My time zone GMT+2. What about yours?
    You are mostly welcome. I hate that I have not been able to deliver that sun :(
    The guy is from Mexico and that's why there is always an overlap with time :p Yes, of course. I'll give it you either way :)
    Hi, I'm so sorry. I had lessons all day long today. The guy has contacted me when I was at uni :( I sent him again so hopefully I'll take it tonight :)
    what's your account's name on tumblr? Mine is the infamous " captainpokecollector" :p Again it was the first thing that popped in the suggestion XD
    If I ever find time that is Xd
    Yeah, I'm really sorry about the skype thing :( What about tumblr? I am getting the hang of it and it is really cute.

    Hahaha yeah, imagine a shiny in the very first egg. I would have flipped the table XD haha that's sounds nice. I think I'm giving Safari an other chance later on.
    Oh' skype? I used to have an account back when I was studying abroad. It''s been a long time since I last logged in. I do not even remeber my username and password :( I am sorry.
    Wait what? First try? Thats it shinies hate me!!!!!!! I feel like a kid i want a shiny nowwwwwwww.
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