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Jul 12, 2018
    1. 812in317
      I'd say Gym Leader because you also seem to be a community leader as well. I've very indecisive about my favorite types. I'd think I'd be either a Ground or Ice type gym leader but also use pokemon who can learn Ice and Ground types. Although I also would like to be an Elite 4 member who fights evil teams but it seems like you'd have to be on call a lot.

      If I could have any starter I think i'd go with Togepi. I've been replaying HeartGold and Togetic is the boss. I'd still at some point get a piplup, but I'd start the journey with an Happiness evolving pokemon.
    2. 812in317
      So you are gym leader in your own region; what type are you and what are the other types of the other gym leaders?
    3. venusboi79
      Probably Bulbasaur, honestly. Although Clefairy and Chikorita come close.
    4. 812in317
      What pokemon, out of all of them, would you want as a starter?
    5. 812in317
      Would you want to be a gym leader or a member of the Elite 4?
    6. 812in317
      Unova or Kalos?
    7. Protopterus
      Added friend code, 5343-8441-4426 over here.
    8. 007charly
      sorry I sent the wrong fc it is 4613 6814 5079
    9. Covet
      Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking as I was reading through a few choice threads.
    10. Covet
      Hey there. *wolf whistle*
    11. venusboi79
      The ice cream game requires you to use strategy to get as many scoops as you can stack without it falling. The higher you go, the more points you'll get. Combee will occasionally fly at the pile, so having it properly balanced is key. I'm getting a bit better at it, but it's kinda hard
    12. lonewolf900
      have u played the ice cream game what is it about aka goal wise i play find the pokemon and is difficult trying to find a pokemon!
    13. venusboi79
      Yes, I made friends with an Oddish, a Sunkern, a Luxio, and a Mareep. Basically, you'll see a shaking bush. You click on it, the Pokèmon will pop out and want to play a mini game. If you play and get a score, the Pokèmon will be happy. Once you take 10 steps, you'll reach the Dream Tree. If you place a berry at the base and "make a wish", you can choose which one you want to meet in your actual game. Once you wake your Pokèmon back up, you can connect to the Entranet, and go to the top of the screen to enter the forest. The Pokèmon you "wished" for will appear, and you go to a battle screen. You toss a Dream ball and instantly capture it.
    14. lonewolf900
      ur lucky have u befriend any pokemon? how does it work?
    15. lonewolf900
      have u gone todream world yet it keep saying prcoess data for me
    16. VeggiePopper
      YEP! I'm as excited as you. Although I'm a bit more excited about the trainers. I know they're not really important to the plot, but ever since Gen I I've been obsessed with them.

      And thanks for the compliments, I really, really appreciate it. Goog night :)
    17. d.aisuke
      OH WOW.
      That's very nice of you!! I never expected anyone to offer me one XD.

      That said; I ended up getting one, so thank you but it wont be nessary.

      But, thank you!! I appreciate the offer!!
    18. Davenor81
      Thanks for accepting the friend's request. :) All new here. Still getting used to the forums.
    19. $aturn¥oshi
      I haven't yet, but I'm sure he has links on his Facebook. I will definitely check.
    20. VeggiePopper
      Thanks for the add, and for telling me the news I missed. Have a nice, nice day!!
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