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    TEEN: A Pokémon Story

    Very good opening! I am looking forward to reading more!
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    Your "YES!" moments

    I gotta say, my "YES!!" moment was when I fought Rayquaza for the first time in Ruby. I threw all of my Ultra Balls at it, came down to my last 2 Pokeballs (I also forgot to mention that I didn't save before the fight", and I ended up catching it with my 2nd-to-last Pokeball. It was ridiculous!!!
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    Most Useless Pokemon

    Unown, Sunflora, and Kricketune. All of them have limited movesets, awful stats, and no one really uses them for battles anyway...
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    Which Champion was the easiest/hardest to beat?

    For the hardest, I would have to say Lance in HG/SS, mainly because I walked into that battle thinking "Oh, he's gonna be a pushover like he was in Gen II." Boy, was I mistaken. His Gyarados almost wiped out my team. In close second would be Cynthia. Her Garchomp didn't give me any troubles, but...
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    TEEN: Pokémon: Like No One Ever Was

    Good job on the second chapter. I like how Team Rocket is more serious.
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    TEEN: Pokémon: Like No One Ever Was

    Very nice. I like the fact that you used Rattata instead of Spearow, since Spearow can't be found on Route 1 anyway. And I actually think having Pichu first is better than Pikachu, since both Ash and Pichu can bond more thoroughly. Can't wait to see the first Gym battle against Brock! Keep it up!
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    What Was Your Single Hardest Battle in the Pokemon Games?

    Hm... Wallace was a pain for me in Emerald, and so was Cynthia in Diamond... but, I have to say Lorelei of the E4 in Pokemon Blue. She was one of my greatest obstacles to get past. If I could beat her, the rest was fairly easy.
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    Should there be alternate type versions of Stealth Rock?

    Like Takaki said, you don't want to have to continually use Rapid Spin to get rid of the entry hazards, or have to spend your time setting up the entry hazards. It makes battling dull and useless. Stealth Rock is already dangerous enough as it is, plus adding Spikes and Toxic Spikes on top of...
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    Do you use the GTS?

    I only use it when I'm desperate for a Pokemon. Sadly, it's filled with a ton of people showing off the Pokemon I need and want a Lvl 9 Legendary you can't get. So I tend to avoid it a lot.
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    Which was your first game?

    Blue. It's still sitting on my shelf :D
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    VG Weekly Poll #43 Favourite Water-type starter?

    Squirtle all the way! Next would have to be Totodile for me ^.^
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    Do you have a 3DS already ?

    I have one. I'm still waiting for more games to release, but its a great system.
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    Misheard Whisper's Bespoke Signatures

    Hey, it looks great! Sorry about the stock, I did some re-coloring on Steven, and I tried to make it as large as possible without making the picture too pixelated :P But thanks again!!
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    Good morning to you all :D
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    Avengers film discussion thread

    The movie was amazing. The scene where The Other was talking to Thanos after the credits was... WOW. That made me sooooo excited lol Also, when The Hulk ran up to Stark Tower and beat Loki to a pulp was fantastic :D Best Marvel film so far, and I can't wait for Iron Man 3, and the next...