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  • I just remembered that I have yet to give you that Beldum you won in my tournament... Do you still want it?
    Well, if you come online after I post this, I shall be waiting in-game for one hour after this VM (thoughI will be battling, so you may have to wait).

    ...If you can't make it though, may I ask when the next time you are availaible during the week is?
    Heh, don't worry about forgeting it yourself, since I kinda did as well. :)

    As for the a different time to trade... How 'bout the time of that last VM of yours, does that work? Oh, and my FC is 2363-6506-3033.
    Actually, 10 AM Saturday (I assume you mean AM there) is a pretty good time for me... See you then I guess.
    Why hello there, Viv. If you are wondering what this is about, I'm just letting you know that the Beldum you won as a prize in my tournament is ready for pick-up. Shall we arrange a time for a trade?
    Ah alright, tomorrow or Wednesday should work for me...working my way through a group of consecutive birthdays for now @[email protected] That's awesome you got to attend the World Championships :O
    Looks like we're matched up again for the tourney! *game face* What's a good time for you to do the battle?
    Alright, I will send you a message when I am ready. My FC is 1134-8042-2719.
    Hey there! So we are scheduled for the next match of the BGC Tourney. So when can you battle?
    Aw thanks but I don't feel right getting the win like that since I've also had scheduling troubles of my own. I'm fine with settling it with a coin-flip if anything, and if it's double elimination then maybe we can meet again for our match :D
    Really sorry, I just got home :/ I guess Monday's our best shot if that's fine, it's exactly at the 3-week cutoff but should be fine @[email protected] I'll let the host know that we are intending to play through our battle as a heads-up just in case.
    Sorry that we keep missing each other but I should be fine to battle this Saturday, what time is good for you? I'll be out of the house most of tomorrow but if you're around late at night we can try to make it happen.
    I'm on Pacific time and I can probably meet up with you around 3-8 PM Eastern, I'll check around here and see if we can catch each other.

    Would it be ok to do the battle over at Showdown? My username there is sharkshocker.
    Hey there, looks like it's you and me in the VBGC tournament! Let me know when's a good time for you to battle and we'll try to meet up...best of luck! :)
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