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  • I can get our doubles battle in on showdown today between now and 3:30 if you're game. I'm free about the same time Friday however this weekend I'll be very busy, so let me know when a battle is good for you.
    Well, I'd rather play a normal game, since with that kind of thing, I might be at risk of forgetting about it, and I'd definitely forget what I was planning. Sorry I've not replied sooner - this day's been very busy for me. I can try to find a time for a game next week, but no promises. It might get a little easier after that, but if we really can't manage to find a time for a full game, then I guess we could try the ongoing match thing. For now, though, we apologise for the inconvenience.
    Ah, not sure! I don't think I have. Could you link me? I'll be back to reviewing soon, so thanks for the reply! ---I've been gone a few weeks due to personal issues. Sorry for the disappearance.
    My BFF Ph8 says you can fight him whenever - he has chess.com on his phone and can play from anywhere. posting here because i think we're spamming the general chat thread with non-related posts
    Whoops, missed this message. I guess the easiest thing to do is set a time for tomorrow? I should be free for most of the afternoon or evening, though we may have to consider timezones and that, seeing as I'm British, which may be inconvenient, depending on where you live. Hey, we'll find a time.
    Ah, I don't really discuss it in depth and get technical with poetry. I just have a huge appreciation for it, and it's my main mode of expression. But what we could do is what I call R/R or R4R, which is reviewing someone's poem for a review of your own in return. That way we'll always get back and forth posts in our threads and keep them active. From my own experience, an active thread leads to motivation and active writing. Imagine the excitement of anticipating a review for one of your poems after leaving one for someone else as part of R4R? That usually motivates me to read and review a lot more poems >v< Perhaps I can get Life to agree and we can have 3 poets who can commit to the R/R...what do you think? (I had a fun night, so sorry if I sound extra bubbly this morning haha)
    Finally, I've found another poet!! I found your post and profile through a reply to Lesson 19 in The Writer's Workshop Writing Academy. I left you some words in your poetry thread as well. I hope you won't find me too overbearing! I'd love to add you as a friend and hopefully share each other's works, since finding other poets (especially of similar style) is so rare nowadays. Nonetheless, I love your poetry and I can't wait to see more. Have a good day Vivillon!
    At lease we can chat here without PTCGO's oppressive censors. Which is good, because I can say that my Internet connection seems to have gone to shit.
    Hi there!

    If you're still looking for a fourth Shiftry, I just pulled one out of a Flashfire pack I won from the Wheel! I've tagged it For Trade, so send me a trade offer whenever!
    "Yeah, that is also an just n"
    Sorry, I didn't quite understand this (most likely a typo, but still confusing!).
    The author, by the way, is female :)
    Ursula K. Le Guin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And thank you for accepting my FR!
    I had to bring the conversation over here, because otherwise your thread would've turned into a chatroom :p
    The story I linked you to is not about what powers the city, but instead the idea that these people (or any of us) can enjoy a great life, but at terrible and known cost.
    Therefore, the question becomes: would you knowingly accept such a life?
    While many people would probably say no, the unfortunate reality is that we already exist in such a state. Those who live in prosperous countries, for example, often buy goods that were made through terrible exploitation of other countries and people.
    Even people in those less fortunate countries also have a system of abuse, wherein the wealthier benefit from the terrible treatment of the poor.
    I have a second 3DS so Ive been farming various patterns. I think Ocean is indeed Hawaii and maybe one other place. Tundra is available from Hokkaido, Japan and maybe one other country I cant remember but its super hard to find. It took me ages to find one.
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