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  • Well, you know what, there is something I've always wanted but never found. A legitmate shiny Chansey that is Bold with the IVs 31/0/31/0/31/31, it also has to have the moves Wish, Sweet Scent, Seismic Toss, and Heal Bell. If you can find me that and prove it's legality, then I will be willing to get you eight different Shiny Eevees.
    That's understandable. Hunting through breeding can be hard.

    I mean, I'm trying to hunt someone a shiny Cubone right now as a gift and it's taking a bit.

    I've also hatched many Zoruas and no shiny so far. I've been using the Masuda Method, too. But it takes tons of time though.
    For some reason, I find the Masuda Method a little fun, but it's not something I'd do every hour, you know?
    You'd have to pay for originals. These originate from my game, as I hatched them myself. But really, if you expect someone to go through the work of getting a shiny that is unique, the price reflects the difficulty.
    As long as they aren't cloned or hacked from the Pokegen, then I'll accept them if you can spare the time owo Are they legit in a way?

    however, I don't have many pokemon to give out myself..not good ones, anyway..
    Like I said, I'll try to breed you something in return with a good nature if you'd like.
    I don't want to be too unfair.
    Were you talking about the cloning in the post when you said you have the ability to give the same Eevee eight times over? o:
    Would you like to trade with me just so I could get pokerus in generation VI? I would take any weakling as the pokerus is what would mean a lot to me. I can trade Larvesta, Fennekin, Snorlax, Dratini or Bagon. My friend code is 5472-7778-0915 and name is Nashide.
    Hey, I can trade now if you're ready. We're doing the Male, Solar Power, down attack and Female, Solar Power, down attack Charmanders for my attack and special attack power items (just so you remember!) :D
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