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  • Thanks for the info. Were there some of mine you still wanted if not its cool. I got a job so i havent had anytime to make that price list.
    Ok, after looking through numerous websites that have price guides and what other people are selling them for along with taking the card’s condition into consideration here is a rundown of how much each set comes out to. Also, remember that there are many holos, rares and 1st editions in the sets that you are looking to buy.

    Also, I've decided to just send you a binder that has all of the cards in protective card pages so you can just look at it like a book sound good? Since they are already in those pages I didn't want to ruin them to oxidation or anything like that.

    However, don’t freak out at the price because I am willing to compromise and since you are my first customer I am going to give you a discount once we settle on a price that we can both agree with does that sound good?

    Once I get a response from you I'll put up the list ok?
    Sure you want my email to send it to? Its [email protected]

    Also, I have plenty of doubles that I want to get rid of I got 3 full binders of Pokemon cards and I have 4 binders with DBZ and DBGT cards lol

    Well, I'm in college and its the summer so I'm trying to get money buy selling a lot of things that are just taking up space in my room. So, for the right price I'm getting rid of everything I don't need anymore. So, yeah I'm trying to sell as many cards as I can along with VHS/DVDs that I have that I don't watch a lot anymore.

    Also know that most of my cards are from the first generation of cards like Base, Gym Leader, Burger King, Jungle, Southern Island you name it. Pokémon Trading Card Game - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

    This link will bring you to the page that has all of the cards from each set listed so you can look at it before you decide if you want to buy it from me or not.
    I am halfway done with the list and its already 15 pages on Microsoft Word, I'll probably just post a thread or something with the entire listing.
    I am ready, so post back when you get online. I'm not sure what time zone you live in, but I'll try to be available when you are :)
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