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Voltaire Magneton

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  • Yo, quick question. In your forum battle with Vultan/The Artist, you had originally sent Encore but then edited it for Acrobatics instead. I noticed you mentioned that you were confused as to whether or not you could change your move, but you can change your move as long as I haven't reffed the turn. That said, did you want to go for Acrobatics or Encore?
    If it's the latter, I ask that you do edit your post to clarify that too, but if it's the former, just let me know & I'll ref the turn!
    Sorry to hear that, but sometimes a break is just what you need. I take breaks from the URPG all the time =P

    I'm trying to capitalize on my renewed interest this time. So in anyway you could help me with my quest for all the badges, it would be hugely appreciated. A forum battle would be really helpful, if it's not too much to ask.
    Hey, I was hoping to challenge your URPG gym. Any chance we could set up a date and time to do it, or get something going on the forum? =D
    Yeah, I dunno. XD It seems that only the joke threads are locked into the April 1st theme for now.
    Huh. I'm thinking of doing that, myself. Just planning out what I'll do exactly.
    Yep :p Not that I know of. I guess you could count proms as some sot of debut, but that's public and for both genders.
    Oh, I didn't know what a debut was and assumed it meant she was due for birth. :p I guess it's just local tradition, yes.
    Yeah, I can see what you mean.

    Sounds nice. Do you know if your cousin's a boy or girl yet? Fair enough.
    I see. Having mild phobias myself (heights and darkness), I can agree with that. Who knows?

    Good to hear. Enjoy your break, then~ Any plans?
    (Ah, ok. I've missed replies before, myself. It's fine!)

    I see. (Fair enough.) Eh, a phobia doesn't take much to trigger, in my experience.

    So, how are things?
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