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  • Would be nice if i could sleep through the lectures... but most of my professors wouldn't allow it. Only one wouldn't say anything, lol.

    I listened to that one and i didn't like it very much x'D Possibly because i listened to the Japanese one first. This is the version i was talking about :)
    Wow, then when do you guys sleep? xD That's hard core living.
    Last Song is also very good. And Sayonara and Birdcage and Lust for Blood (this one is one of his best, imo), and Etude, etc. Basically almost anything he's made, lol.
    I guess SuG to me is LM.C to you.

    Ahhh, TVXQ!! Have you heard "Love in the ice"? I know it's not a Korean song, but i love that one! The version on Youtube is the only one to listen to, the CD one sucks balls. SRSLY.
    8AM? You mean 8PM, right? oO
    I've listened to very little Spanish music, there's only one song i really like, haha.
    SuG is only good for looks, imo. I just couldn't get into them. ON/OFF is win because of IDENTICAL TWIN SINGERS, oh, and Vampire Knight XD I didn't listen to much Nightmare (mainly only what was played in Death Note), and I've never listened to UVERworld.
    An Cafe not my thing, either. But I do like Gackt! I was just listening to Vanilla and Ghost today.
    And i used to like Miyavi, but i started un-liking him D:
    Some of his old stuff is still really good, though. Nea Visulasim(sp?), Itshoi Hito, Kimi ni Negai wo, etc.

    I like Sugizo as a person, not a musician.

    Yeah, i do like Jrock :) I used to like it a lot more, but I've mellowed out a bit. I also like Korean music too!
    Lets see... i like Gackt, some of Miyavi's old stuff, Kei, LM.C, Rayflower, Malice Mizer, some of SID and YUI, some of Lc5, etc. There's probably stuff I'm missing XD
    Do you listen to Korean music? =D
    Yeah...That's kinda the reason why I did it.

    So, anyone else fancy having a giggle when I mention my friend...Biggus Dickus?

    That part makes me laugh every time, especially when Brian sneaks off while everyone's laughing.
    I've received multiple detentions because people get annoyed at me whistling it all day every day.

    And Holy Grail is my favourite, with Life of Brian as my second. I have 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' memorised. Along with the Camelot Song.
    It is made of epic win! T'is the best starter ever!

    And now for something completely different.

    D'you like Monty Python?
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