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  • Heh, I use Espeon a lot too. In fact, it was one of my very first Pokemon in Crystal version, my first game... I nicknamed it Purple Sun. And now it's level 100. :3

    Once I beat Black and White, I'll definitely be transferring over my Espeon from HeartGold. I can't wait to see its animated sprite. :D
    Wow...the two I saw did touch the ground and weren't too far away from my school (I was in school both times). After having to be outside during both of them (because I was SO lucky in having trailer classes) I don't feel like seeing another one in real life for the rest of my life.

    Lol no one wants a tornado kicking their ass. Because the tornado will win just about every time.
    Despite our rather rocky beginning, I have to say... I love reading your posts. They're always insightful and just fun to read. :3

    I should mention I'm JakeSkittle, by the way. People have had trouble recognizing me with my new name.
    Lol yup! Yours is really funny though...I kinda feel sorry for the poor stick figure man being chased by a tornado.
    Oh, it's really just something that we were doing in the random message thread. I'm probably changing back soon. Maybe tonight.
    Hello to you too. I recognize you from Toon Zone as well. I usually just read threads here, especially those about the new games and the series, but I comment every now and then as well when I don't feel like just silently reading.
    Hello. I am from Toon Zone. I'm Light Lucario there. I don't post here nearly as often as I do on Toon Zone. I usually just read threads, but I post in some threads about the anime series that aren't on Toon Zone.
    It sure is about time. I never understood why there are so many ridiculous delays on American animated shows.
    I like all those too. I didn't know they were all done by the same guy. I just olve superheros in general but they are really good.
    Yeah, I love her. I like all super hero shows but Teen Titans stands out to me, and Starfire stands out from the other Titans.
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