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  • Ah western MT. I'm originally from the eastern side. I'm currently colleging at MSU and I have to say the western half of the state is so much more beautiful than the flat east.
    Phew, back from being banned...

    Anyway, I want to apologize for my rudeness. I was having a VERY off day and lashed out. The gym was closed, so I couldn't let it out that day, XD. But seriously, sorry.
    Haha, why thank you. 8D The highlights on its eyes just made it look so much like Awesomeface to me...
    Not just the grunts though. The leaders are hell-bent on accomplishing their goal in a cartoony sort of way. They're intelligent, but come up with these kooky schemes. Less of "that" is my wish.

    Basically, just give me Giovanni back. :p
    I would like them to be more than just your typical "Rawr, must do weird things because the boss says so!" team. I want them to be less of a cult and more of a group of anti-heroes or midguided fellows. One might call that a terrorist. That term is a little harsh though. And I cerainly don't want Eco-terrorists, which is what everyone calls Aqua and Magma.

    Their costumes don't really get my hopes up unfortunately...
    Hi, I'm Venator. I'm an adamant sonuvabish who likes to think and I like debating. I enter threads and see people who see only what they want and fight for what I feel is right given the facts. I don't think I have a haughty attitude but meh if I do. If I lose a debate, my opinion sticks around in my head and will come out later in evil laughter when I'm right...or another meh if I wrong. If I don't think I stand a chance for winning a debate, I will resign.

    That statement was a tad haugthy because I assumed that all the people in that thread besides me wanted Hoenn as a post-game area instead of remakes, which I feel are needed. I'm just biding my time, waiting while they drive in circles saying why they do or do not want to visit Hoenn in BW. I'm just waiting for that moment when people are like "Wait, where's Hoenn" after beating the game. Yes, I know I need to grow up but people need to face facts: Hoenn will get a remake like Kanto and Johto.

    May I add you? You're interesting.
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