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  • It's not strange to be from Maryland lol, I'm from Maryland myself. I've only met 3 other people before you from Maryland and they're all pretty cool.

    People are from all over the place, but I see a bunch come from the mid-west or west coast. That's sorely limiting, we have a good few from Australia, Canada and England too.
    Wow, did not recognize the nickname sorry about that. This forum is a bit more friendly if you don't get entangled with the wrong people but its is a small group which is problematic. I did move the Waterflower World forum to a subforum because I have close ties with a few people at the top and thought this would boost activity. It also has an IRC channel attached which I am working regrowing too used to be very active so I am not sure what went wrong here.
    Your banner rings a huge bell, I have actually be in contact with Chibi of The Waterflower Front for a long time because the two of us are involved in fansites dedicated to Misty. But I might as well ask you this. Does the Waterflower World and Misty's Page sound familiar?
    Please tell me what episode you were talking about in the PS thread when you said "like the Ursaring episode when Misty gets separated from the group" o.o
    Hey, heard you got a warning for your siggy :( Same thing happened to me on the very first day I joined :(. But dont worry, just shrink it! Also, they have the sig rules in the announcement and rules forum, if you'd like to read it. One sec I'll get a link...
    I could place this in your 'intro thread' but that feels impersonal. Don't worry about any time pressures, people come and go as they please. There's no harm in dipping out for a while and coming back. But while you're here, I do hope you enjoy the stay. It's not often we get many users from Maryland to the forums. The ones that do show up are pretty cool though ;3
    My avatar is from the Hosou/Chronicles episode "Cerulean Blues". The one where Misty first returns to the Gym.
    No problem. :p
    I normally blog about anything that happens, to be honest. XD
    What episode is your avatar from?
    Blogs are basically for things like:
    a) something that happened IRL (ex: "I got my report card for school today")
    b) name changes
    c) if your going to be away/off the site for a period of time
    d) anything else you can think of.
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