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  • I just would like to thank you again, for breeding those Pokémon. You even gave me some items, too! Well, if there's anything you'd want, or need help with, you know who to ask. :)
    I'm just gonna breed your Lickitung and Rhyhorn and then I'll head to the room. I'm going through the league now though, to level up some pokés, so that will likely take a few minutes.
    I might be out tomorrow night (GMT -3) because I might go to the movies to watch Pacific Rim with my brother, but I'll likely be on afterwards. If we miss each other, I'll be on on sunday anyway so it shouldn't be a problem.
    That won't be necessary at all, you're already helping me lots with this. I can totally give you Zekrom, Licktung, Rhyhorn and all three legendary birds if you want (due to playing FR and SS a bunch of time I got quite a few to spare, so I don't mind at all). I already have all incenses but thanks for offering. For the Rhyhorn and Lickitung (and third bird if you want) just give me any fodders. I can't trade right now though (hitting bed in a few), but I'll be on tomorrow practically all day.
    I see. To be honest I'm not interested in hacked pokémon (but thanks for offering!). I'm interested in your Mew, Jirachi and Shaymin or even just one of them. Is there anything you'd like? I totally don't mind trading multiple non-event pokémon for them. I have the legendaries I listed in my thread to offer and some event pokémon too (I think I have 2 extra Meloetta with Relic Song and a Keldeo but I gotta check). Other than that I have a couple DWF at hand and some more I will get my hands on next week with a friend. Anyway, just make your offer and I'll see if I have what you want! :)
    I'm really close to finishing my Dex now, only need to finish evolving Chikorita and Gible. Also need to be patient enough to evolve a Tyrogue to a Hitmontop and then I'll be done! I planned on finishing this before XY so it seems I'm gonna make it! Thanks a lot for the help. The legendaries I'm looking for are due to my lack of DPPt and RSE games, but I'm pretty sure I'll get them eventually. ^^ If you don't mind my asking, do you have any other spare event pokémons? I'm willing to trade pretty much anything for Mew, Jirachi, Celebi or Shaymin.
    Alright, I've been a bit busy lately, but I'll be sure to catch a Weedle for your soon.
    Sure thing!

    Edit: And it's done. Though there's no need to double post just to get a mod to lock the thread btw. That can get you in trouble, instead feel free to message me anytime to help or if I'm not around TwilightBlade and yourlilemogirl can help. :)
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