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    Regarding Bottle Caps

    Overall, I'd say that the Battle Tower is the best place for bottle caps. One of the BP shops there sells them, plus you can get some for reaching certain milestones in the Tower itself. However, I know this method isn't for everyone, and it's pretty time consuming. If you're gonna grind for...
  2. Warrior of Fire

    Uniform number

    For my first main file, I went with 36. Whenever I need a random number real quick, I tend to default to that because of retired Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis. For my second file (probably gonna be a streamed Nuzlocke), I'm gonna go with 392, the national dex number of my...
  3. Warrior of Fire

    An open-World Pokemon Game (Talking like Breath of the Wild)

    The way I can see an open world Pokémon game working is setting it up like Xenoblade: Big open areas where you can explore how you'd like and still follow a set story path with the areas being set to the expected difficulty levels for where they are in the game, maybe with some extremely...
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    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    Michael raised an eyebrow, slightly confused. "I'm pretty sure this is the right room. I even double checked it with my girlfriend to make sure we both got our rooms correct. The paper had me here, and that my roommate's name was Jericho Solmis..."
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    The Rowan University OOC Thread.

    I have no objections.
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    Sign Ups Tales From Alola

    Question: Is the starter limited to the Alola Pokédex, or can it be anything within reason (i.e. no legendaries or mythicals)?
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    The Rowan University OOC Thread.

    Not a problem. Besides, not everyone can have as glorious countermeasures as an edited scene from UHF. And if anyone wants to talk to her, Heather's door was left open, so anyone walking by until the next plot development will be able to hear her singing. Otherwise, she'll just be singing and...
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    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    "I hope this Jericho guy doesn't mind my taste in music," Michael said, heading to his room. Entering, the first thing he noticed was that while the inside half of the door was red, the outside of it was blue. Huh, he thought. Someone's chat would have a field day with this door. He closed the...
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    Please delete this if possible

    Here's what I've got so far. Bio and appearance are gonna take a bit to iron out the details (got a few ideas that I'm working on), but everything else is there. Admittedly, I don't remember much about Digimon and my second Pokémon pick was taken, so I just RNGed those (good idea on numbering...
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    The Nickname Help Thread

    Maybe something like Marshall for a punny name, as he'll marsh all opponents. And if you use that, thank Chuggaaconroy, not me.
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    Start Ups The Rowan University of Pokemon Studies.

    Michael and Heather sat dow somewhere in the middle of the room - Michael sprawled out slightly while Heather sat straight and careful to prevent any embarrassing moments in regards to her skirt. Michael let out a yawn as he settled into the chair. "Man, that flight from Alola was long," he...
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    Future Villains: Organization or Individual?

    And who's to say that psychic types that specifically mention telepathy in their dex entries aren't capable of telepathic communication with humans and/or other Pokémon.
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    The Nickname Help Thread

    A slight update on the Sun Nuzlocke nickname help, I am currently on Akala Island making my way through Paniola Ranch. As for what I DON'T need nicknames for, the list follows the main body of this post. And for a reminder, this is Sun, not Ultra Sun, and my catching areas are anywhere a new...
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    The Nickname Help Thread

    Well, I did have to eliminate the starters (went with Litten, named him DolphZiggler) and the ones added in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, but this list can definitely be helpful. Only real exception is Zubat, which will be named Acrobat if I get one, thanks to Chuggaaconroy's Platinum LP. Overall...
  15. Warrior of Fire

    The Nickname Help Thread

    I just started a Sun Nuzlocke, and I would like to start gathering nicknames for every Pokémon obtainable is Sun. A couple of notes, if an area tag pops up, it counts as a new area to catch a new Pokémon (such as Route 1 and Hau'oli Outskirts); grass/caves, surfing, fishing, and special...