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  • Yay! I won! My first double battle win :D

    Will you be around for a bit longer? My DS's battery is low, so it needs to charge for a bit.
    Oh right, it is isn't it. Sorry. I keep thinking only Legends are Uber.

    Do you want to go back to a Single Battle after this?
    Oh, I see. That probably explains it then.

    6 please. I'm heading in now, and I've just brought a completely random team, because I have no idea what to use in doubles. :p
    I've never battled double battles before... but sure. :]

    I'll just go change my team around a bit. :p

    How bulky are your stuff EVd though? Ambipom shouldn't have survived that hit, and neither should Roserade. Both are so incredibly frail defensively... :/
    Yeah, that'd be good. I can battle for a while today anyway, so if you want a few battles that's fine with me. :]
    Oooo, I just rememebered you can't use legendaries on IPGL teams... -_-; Waste of time bringing this team I guess... :/
    Yeah, I can. I'll just get my team prepared and meet you in the Wi-Fi room.

    Be there in a few seconds.
    It's fine, don't worry about it. :]

    And yeah 6 vs. 6 single sounds good. I'm trying to get as much practice in as I can before I decide on a team for the IPGL. :p

    I can battle now, if you can? :]
    Hey, I know it's been a while, but I can have more battles with you sometime, if you want?
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