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  • I have a Zorua with Dark Pulse, but it is Female so I can't breed the egg moves on (I got it from the GTS). And I'd like to keep it, until I can clone it. And I don't have a Venipede with Toxic Spikes, sorry.
    Oh, yeah I bet other people have DSi too. The only time I have seen DSi XL is little kids in malls and stuff, though.

    Perhaps, I don't have a Wii though so I will have to do DS only. It really goes against the if it isn't broke don't fix it motif, they must be set on making the games unnecessarily frustrating at all costs.
    Yeah, if Wifi battling is ruined, I don't really see a reason to play...but oh well. I probably will play a lot anyway.

    I have a DS lite, sorry :<
    Sometime...sure. Anytime soon? I doubt it. I just got my third badge :p

    The fact that there is no auto-leveling for Wifi battles is also a big turn off. It's great that they could do a bunch of cool new things to help us out, and then completely ruin something good for no apparent reason.
    Sorry! I was having problems connecting to the forums.

    Since BMGf has severe lag, you can find me online over at smogon, here:

    If you don't have an account already, you can just sign up the same as here. It's where I'll be most of the night because BMGf is annoying with the 503's, so if you want to trade just leave me a message over at smogon :]
    Do you have a Shelmet? I didn't manage to catch one of them. If not, how about a Tynamo or a Deerling?
    I've already got a Braviary, Rufflet was part of my team but it's evolved now. Yay! Thanks anyway.

    You can catch Vanillite at the freezer containers - i found one and it's autumn on my game. I do have Vullaby, but no Cryogonal. :(

    Well your pokemon are going to be much higher levels than mine, and I think there is no auto-level battle feature this Gen...
    Oh, if you're going to take a while I guess I'll go reset for a nice natured Archen.

    I can't use the Xtransceiver because I don't have a DSi. So please VM/PM when you're ready and heading in. :]
    Oh, if you're going to take a while I guess I'll go reset for a nice natured Archen.

    I can't use the Xtransceiver because I don't have a DSi. So please VM/PM when you're ready and heading in. :]
    I'll just head onto Wi-Fi and wait, because the forums are seriously breaking today and it's taking ages for me to reply.

    I'll see you in there shirtly, then :]
    I'm just a Nimbasa City. Training for the gym.

    I have the Gothita for you. My FC is 5071 3141 9155 What's yours?
    No worries :p

    I'm just trying to capture a Gothita now. I'll be 5 minutes or so. How far into the game are you, then?
    You wrote on your on page, lol. :p

    I don't need Sandile, it's cool. I have one on my team at the moment. So just send whatever you want for the Drilbur :]
    That's great... so I'll send you Solosis and Sandile and if you send me Gothita (when you get one) and Drilbur that would be brilliant. Just let me know when you're ready and we can work out a time.

    And wow, that Zorua sounds brilliant. I'm going to breed one with Dark Pulse once I can send Weavile/Lucario over.
    It's level 10 and is Hasty with Sand Rush. I haven't got far enough to get Frillish. I'm just working through the desert at the moment.

    I'd love a Solosis. If you want a while I can catch you a gothgirl for your dex once I get to Nimbasa City. ^_^

    I managed to get a Zorua off the GTS, too! It knows Sucker Punch, Counter, Extrasensory and Dark Pulse :D I trade an Audino for it, pretty sweet.
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