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  • Hmm it's alright i reply late too sometimes. XD oh my little bro has the 3ds he been had a dsi i hope i don't get weard because we played that sh*t 24/7 and that street fighters 5 im getting that next week or month :] good game choices dude. hmm about my black version for some odd reason that game dissappered im looking for it but my current part was i was about to fight the elite 4 until april fools day that's when it got lost haha i'll mess up da house a bit until i fine it ^-^ i hope i find it soon because this chick from this forums said she'll breed me all 3 starters well 2 because i already have oshawott i got connections people that hook me up with pokemon in white version only well i hope you had a good birthday later max :cool:
    Sorry For not replying for so long. hay my ds lite broke like that to men this waz my 6th ds lite i had and this silver one survived the longest 2 years but i have a felling this one is about to crack in half. 3ds i like that but too pricey my little brother is getting one for his birthday i'll play his one me im sticking with the DSI because i wait to the price to decrease to get the next Ds generation pretty cool. XD
    that's cool he's about to evolved. i don't get on much ether my wifi mess up some dayz but i did all pokemon rangers special mission even the manaphy event and acreus and others. i need a dsi badly because my ds lite is about to brake apart. :) i'll eventually have one by next month or 2 weeks. XD
    lol don't worry i got 20 newbies as friends this year alone they had to wait to. XD i fine as always i'm playing black version an i still haven't beat it yet my dewott is on lv 30 and im still destroying people in wifi battles in D/P. XD
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