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  • This probably seems like a weird question but me and my friends are trying to get to Orlando when we finish school in like 2 years and want to know when the theme parks are busiest, early April or late May/early June. You're like the only person I know who lives there or near there and I have no clue when school ends for American people.
    Yeah, I was just thinking about you not too long ago, I miss hanging out with you. I'm done with uni for the year, so for sure, when you're done drop me a line and we'll definitely catch up.
    Don't suppose you still feel like testing me? Monbrey doesn't particularly care to, so I was hoping you could?
    Dude it's been far too long since we've caught up, hopefully I'll be on a lot more when my laptop comes home, we got lots of catching up to do :D
    hey webbie, can I just send one of the remaining questions to you? I just realized what iw as doing wrong xD
    It's fine! Sunday should be okay. Can you be on before 7:00 pm? My dad teaches this bible study class at eight and usually the hour before is occupied by tidying/preparations. It ends at 10:00, and at that point I'd be way too tired to do any form of test.

    EDIT: Nevermind! I got eager and I saw Monbrey on; he agreed to test me. I failed this time; when 168 hours from now rolls around I'll be taking it again. So... Sorry to bug you!
    Would you be willing to give me a ref test? I passed the Ref Quiz recently and I heard that you were a good person to ask about it. If there is a specific time/day that works best for you, let me know; I should be available pretty much any time unless I'm sleeping.
    haha its okay, Im gonna be flying to the east coast at midnight for 4 days, dont know how often I'll be online.
    I guess the mention system hasn't been working that well.

    Winter and I did send, though.

    Hey Web, I've been trying to get a ref test for a while and most of the others are usually busy. Is there any chance that we could organize a time or something so I could get tested? What kind of times/days are you online, etc.?

    Thanks in advance :)
    Yo, Web. Is it possible that you could get in a quiz for the URPG Times soon? If not, I'll see if I can find someone else to take over for you temporarily.
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