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  • I guess if you still want to talk to me after my first words to you are stupid whining, then you're alright in my book.
    I guess I'm just depressed and it demotivates me to do much.

    And aww, that sucks. Was it for a similar reason?
    What's funny about it? Well, personally I've never had canned beets before. I can't give my full opinion on them. The smell pretty good, though.

    If they dare escalate their greed, I'll have to strangle them with my bear hands to struggle them into submission.
    Much better. Keep it that way.

    Right now, in the section that I work, we're canning beets. Next is squash, hoping they'll keep me another season.

    Don't even mention that accursed bank. I like to pretend it has no existence. I'm still in utter disgust that Game Freak would present such a thing. At least they know how to keep it cheap though, gotta give credit where it's due.
    Me neither lol. I don't know if I'll bother watching it or not, I can't keep interest in a lot of stuff, sadly.

    Rarity is fabulous~
    My screen brightness is neutral, and it's still an eyesore.

    Yeah because they say it's "none of my business". I can respect that, but rarely do they react in an appropriate manner. I just kind of say "whatever" to myself, shrug, and walk off. I would make a terrible therapist.

    Nope. I work in a cannery, and we can't operate if we don't have our essentials (which come from the field).

    I know! I could do a whole rant on games that require you to PAY to make progress or gain certain power-ups. It's the most irritating and flat out DUMB marketing technique. It is also desperate and immoral. I'd like to just pay for my game once and have it forever, thank you very much. It's name the Facebook and mobile games that do that. It irks me to no end.
    I agree, you should. How you withstand that kind of light is beyond me.

    You're welcome. If I ever do ask how people are doing and whatnot, I make sure I know them really well first so they don't flip out. The world is so sensitive, I don't understand.

    Nope, suburbs, where I work is just country-ish.

    Um, no. That's the original PvZ, the second one was released not long ago. But yes you can play DS games on a 3DS.
    But they are my fault. I've caused my own problems with my own stupidity and I can't even talk to people, as I've proven.
    Yup. I like how you said bird Pokémon, not Flying. Tornados isn't cute though, or the Bug/Flying types, so I guess that is valid.
    You have a good heart. If only I could say the same. Not to say I'm cruel, I just don't think it's my business to see how others feel, especially if it might offend them if I asked. I try to avoid conflicts.

    Yeah, the fields are still really muddy and the farmers can't get into them without being devoured by the quicksand-like mud.

    I guess since we're speaking of PvZ, I find it suckish that they only released PvZ 2 on iOS. I won't be happy about the game until it releases on PC and/or 3DS.
    Yup. Yours is... Altaria? I find pre evo nice, but I can't remember it's name.
    Perhaps checkers is the better alternative for you. Any game, however, takes practice to make perfect (unless it's solely based on luck).

    Sympathizing is something I'm so horrible at. Empathizing is easier for me, but even then it can be not so easy.
    Yeah, I guess you could say busy day. Not all too thrilled that my job is still out of commission until Monday at the earliest.
    Well,t hat's why I said "relaxing video games". They're out there. Plants vs. Zombies is a good example. It's the music more than anything.
    Chess is too easy and simplistic for my taste.
    Yes, well, even thinkers like myself have our tiring points. Truth be told, today would probably be one of those days for me, but only somewhat. My brain is still at work as always.
    I love the beach, but I live 50 miles away from the nearest coast. I'd do the same as you, otherwise I get a little tipsy instead. My brain is FORCED to be altered, but I don't get shitfaced by any means.
    I might play a relaxing video game too, it just depends.
    I didn't see any Beavers in Canada. You thrifty Canadians. I immediately knew something was up.
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