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  • Every time a problem comes up, I immediately think of all the possible steps I could take and all the possible outcomes that could result. It's more difficult than it sounds because each result always has its pros and cons it seems, and then you have to weigh out which has more pros than cons, but then again, some pros have more significance than others. So even though one result may have more negatives, the pros have more priority over the alternative method.
    See what I mean? It gets so bad sometimes. I need to give my brain a rest every now and then.
    50 messages already? Wasn't even paying attention to the count, but wow. Doesn't seem like that many.

    The tricky thing about the economy, and studying a particular field in college is the fact that what may be in demand now, might not be in demand by the time you graduate. For example, construction was very high in demand before the year 2008 (the year the economy fell to its knees).
    It's just a guessing game.
    They are all con artists so hate them.

    Also, no more Nicki Minaj. I like you more now.
    You may not be the best at leading, but you're pretty good at holding them up, as we're demonstrating right now.

    Of course. Economics is a path I once considered going down. It's one of the most important occupations out there.
    On the rare occasion I do drink coffee, it has to be frozen. The only hot beverage I do care for, that comes to mind, is hot chocolate.

    I've always disliked being the center of attention, I'm just too independent minded to be like that. I have my egotistical moments, but they're always kept to myself. It's called manners and not being a complete douche wad.

    Yeah, and then you have the people who don't keep track of their taxes, then by the end of the year, they end up owing so much that they can't afford it, making it so they have to eventually file bankruptcy. America has a problem. Other countries too, but namely America.
    Takes lots of acquiring. Wow, really? I'm not fond of coffee either. About time I find someone else who isn't.
    I recommend staying away from the energy drinks. Some of them taste way too good like Rockstar and Red Bull. Damn I could use one right about now, but I must resist the temptation.

    One of my pet peeves is people talking over me, whether it be intentional or not. What I like to do is raise my voice louder to cancel them out, but even then it might not work. People really need to show more consideration.

    If you're good at conserving money, you can't be too bad. Although you are spending on unimportant things, at least you can say you're not in debt by spending ALL your money recklessly. One thing I will never get is a credit card. That's the beginning of the end if you start investing in one of those. For me, it's either cash or debit. That's one thing my family has taught me well.
    Anoukis are lying bastard cunts. I hated them in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.
    I've tried a good variety of things. I like Vodka the best. It's strong, but not half bad after the first few sips. Wine is my second favorite, but I think the strongest wine I've ever had was only 11%. I really don't like beer, which most call me insane for. Even the smell of it makes me gag.

    Ha, I'm kind of the opposite. Though, I'm a good listener, I like to open up people to my points of views. I have a tendency of always feeling like I'm right. Sometimes INTJs can't be pumped with TOO much confidence.

    I'm generally a really relaxed person who only takes life seriously 5% of the time. The other 95% I just don't really care. That 5% is my passion in politics.
    By the way, you're welcome and thank you as well.
    I don't like MLP nearly as much as I used to. I think it's a good show, but I'm not that interested anymore.

    Still, Pinkie Pie is best pony.
    You must have a sensitive throat. I wonder how you'd ever handle alcohol.

    I'd suggest not to debate politics if you're not a rational thinker. Gotta be headstrong and logical going into the political spectrum.

    Still try to have a mind of your own and don't have others persuade you, especially if we're talking bad influences such as robbing or doing harm to someone.
    I think you're too nice to do such a thing though. You pretty much seem like the type any person would want to chill with.
    You mean the about me section, right? I don't think it's overwhelming, it's neat!
    They are so desperate to come to America that they all huddle near the border.
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