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Recent content by White Len

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    Do you want Knight Pokémon University back?

    Is there anything that you guys want to return? No promises, but we will take your opinions into consideration.
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    Do you want Knight Pokémon University back?

    If...I may post my opinion... It all comes down to organization. KPU was and probably will be poorly organized. It released without a map, without any system, and without a plot. There was no direction, which was what really pissed me off as the kind of person who really really really likes...
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    The Worst Movie Ever Made

    The title implies that this story is aiming at So Bad It's Good. The thing is, I feel that you're trying too hard, and ultimately, you don't even have So Bad It's Horrible but instead you've got So Average It's Bad.
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    The Right Man in the Wrong Place

    Thanks, Kyuuketsuki, those mistakes had completely eluded me while I was proofreading. And DD, you're too kind. Thanks anyway. You have no idea how many times I had to rewrite this one. Everything felt too rushed, and although I don't believe I quite nailed it with this version, I feel that it...
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    What's the Easiest/Hardest Part About Writing Fan Fiction?

    Easy is the planning, hard is putting it into words.
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    The Right Man in the Wrong Place

    The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. - G Man, Half Life 2 The world that you know is a lie. Just because they don't talk about it, it doesn't mean that it never happened. This story is about Red Ketchum’s rise to power, and his descent into insanity. And...
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    Thread RSS feeds

    Down. There would be an RSS feed for the over 2 million threads that we have. It would take a huge blow to the server, and since only so many threads would be subscribed to, and only so many subscribers would subscribe to a thread, it's just not worth it.
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    how to make your main character not a mary/marty-sue?

    To avoid making a Mary Sue: * Characters are not you, nor are they your children. Don't imagine them as either of them. * Even in a completely different world, your character should be, at heart, a human. He thinks like a human, he acts like a human. He takes time to get over huge losses, he...
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    Skin Questions Thread

    Real quick question here: I'm using the World Beyond skin and for some reason, when a blog author comments on his blog, the background of his post is a ridiculous light blue, making the post hard to read with the white text. I was kind of wondering why this hadn't been, well, fixed.
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    Erika's battle

    Cacturne. :)
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    Movies/TV Rate the Last Movie you Watched

    Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu I don't want to sound like a noob, but I really really want to give this movie a 10/10. The art direction of the movie is superb, the soundtrack beautiful, the story is compelling. This is about as close to perfect as anime movies can get, and it certainly does...
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    COMPLETE: The quest of Arceus: journey to a new homworld

    Essentially, if you were going to have a Star Fox crossover, you should have mentioned it from the start.
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    Trebloome Academy

    "...how...the goddamn hell..." a voice wearied, joined by the loud thump of boots making contact with the ground. "Did I get lost in that perfectly straight corridor?" The door to Jack Sparrow's room flew open, and the tired ghoul walked inside, throwing himself onto the bed. "I really should...
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    Plot Bunny Zoo

    Ever heard of Earthbound? If yes, then the answer is as simple as Runaway Five.
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    Pokemon:The Final Chapter

    That is generally not a good idea. You should try rewriting it yourself so you can get a better feel of how to write, and so you can include those little ideas in your head that Zekrom would never be able to catch.