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White Yoshi
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  • In response to your question in your URPG Stats thread:

    The information you have listed is enough. However, there have been a lot of changes since you left and I would honestly suggest restarting as the starter package has improved a lot since then, including a free mart Pokémon, free TM/egg move/move tutor/special or event move of your choice, and an additional $5,000. You may choose Gligar again or something else.
    Ash K.
    Ash K.
    Also, I highly recommend joining us on Discord. It's free and requires nothing more than an email to sign up for. Most of the battles and contests occur there as it's significantly faster than forums.

    If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to help! Welcome back!
    White Yoshi
    White Yoshi
    Ok thanks, I'll probably do that next weekend due to Exams.
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    Well in that case I won't talk about it too much, other than to say it was an improvement on last year. The same sort of problems appeared, but less frequently (with the sole exception of lengthy FCY procedures which looks out of place when other endurance races have better ways of dealing with incidents and clearups). It did more or less peter out as I was sleeping which was annoying, but enough cars were involved in all classes to keep me interested.

    I'm hopeful for the upcoming season if they can replicate this across most of the races.
    Hey mate. How've you been? Also:


    Just finished watching the CTSCC race (surprisingly few cautions, hopefully that carries over to the main event), and I am looking forward to this one. Shank seems to have made the right choice by bringing forward the P2 switch since Negri put it on pole, but the question of raceability (especially off restarts) is still lurking. Honestly I fully expect a DP lockout on the podium, and there's nothing wrong with that - the DPs were made with Daytona in mind. ESM P2s just looking to get laps under the belt in preparation for the real test (Sebring). Mazdas still dog-slow, but not as slow as last year. PCs are meh. GT looks feisty, Porsches have been BoP-ed back a bit and the Corvette/Ferrari duel restarts in earnest.

    Will you be able to watch any of the race? Hopefully it's good, and better for less restricted streaming (I think it's not geo-blocked in Aus) and for the RLM crew calling the race on IMSA streaming.
    It's only really a problem if you are using diesel, which only Audi are ... I wouldn't call it a new problem because overall it's good and it's part of a package that is attracting increasing manufacturer interest. The ACO listen for the most part as well. Look at the changes to qualifying, which to me are entirely sensible and now represent the best balance between emphasizing the endurance/team aspect and allowing the sheer speed of the cars to be demonstrated. Now if they would get fucking rid of the stupid paywall we'd be laughing! There is perhaps a wider issue with the "F1-ification" of the WEC by way of only using Grade 1 circuits and not clashing with the F1 calendar and adopting some of the pre-race amble and standardized race lengths for TV broadcasts. But at the moment the WEC is on the up and long may it continue.
    As I've said more than once, the mess IMSA are in is entirely of their own making. They could have done much more comprehensive testing before this season started, and not just at Daytona. They could have mandated P2-spec tyres (which Continental were happy to do, because they didn't want to look like chumps) so they didn't get gobbled at restarts while their tyres were warming up. They could have incrementally introduced the DP upgrade kits so the cost was spread over the season and they would have a better idea of when the speeds were roughly equalized. They could have turned down the DP engines simultaneously (which are basically the same, EcoBoost aside) to better assess the impact of the heavier weight and extra downforce. I have little sympathy or faith in IMSA, which is a crying shame because if TUSCC fails then that's the end of prototypes in America.

    I actually think F1 has it right, or at least right-er. The limit per hour is alright, but the 3-lap average removes a fair bit in the way of strategy. Audi in particular are hit hard because they can't dump fuel to up their speed like they could in 2013. But I can't see it changing anytime soon and I do understand the reasoning behind the rolling average for endurance races, to prevent Group C-esque races where cars were lightning quick in qualifying but held back in the race to get to the end without issue. It just seems the fuel flows, combined with doubly incentivized hybrids have the handy side effect of marginalizing diesel-based power units, which lose out on larger hybrid systems due to weight and cannot make up the deficit because of the rolling average. Realistically the 2015 R18 can only do 6MJ at most with diesel, and even then it will almost certainly be overweight. This is the price Audi will have to pay though, they need that burst of power to get to the speeds Porsche & Toyota get. I wouldn't be surprised to see Audi move to petrol for 2016 - it's the way to go for these regs.
    Honestly I cannot see any DP team agreeing to that. It works speed wise, but DPs were the premier class in Grand-Am. From their perspective the NASCAR management bought out the ALMS, not the other way around. They would be up in arms if you told them that they wouldn't get top billing; again, look at Jordan Taylor on Twitter. Do you think he'd stay quiet if he was told that he would not be fighting for overall honours? If that was implemented from the start then maybe it'd work out, but not now. Especially not with 1 confirmed P2 compared to 6+ DPs. Both numbers drastically down on their pre-merger series hey days though. IMSA still have a lot of work to do to sort this out, they can't afford to wait until 2017 and the revised P2 regulations.

    Oh, we haven't mentioned TK retiring yet - legend is the only way I can describe his career. Has delivered in the age of petrol, diesel and hybrids. Consistently both fast and fuel efficient (before 2014 regs set fuel flow limits). ALWAYS ON THE LE MANS PODIUM whenever his car finished the race. What a driver, what an ambassador, what a man.
    It looks really nice. But then, the C6 DP looked nice as well. That's not the problem with the DPs, it's the micro-managed regulations right down to the suspension pickup points and torque curves. The AER livery doesn't do it much justice though, it will look better when we see the WTR C7 DP.

    The GTLM/GTD race at VIR was great. While I am a big fan of multi-class racing, I wouldn't mind keeping the split grid races where it's appropriate for the track. The problem then is making sure the media show up the "lesser" split grid race to keep the teams onboard with the idea. I was surprised at how little coverage GTLM received, even though it was the biggest asset from the ALMS and arguably the biggest draw of the series. Then again the TV package was all kinds of awful, probably the single worst aspect of TUSCC. Was it Baltimore where 40% of the race broadcast was ad time? MRN commentators are also shit on a stick - but don't fear, RLM have got a deal going for next season so we get Hindhaugh to listen to.

    The lack of ALMS prototypes speaks to the dissatisfaction with the way the top class was handled. In a way IMSA could not win - they had already earned the ire of DP teams by forcing them to make expensive changes, only to then roll them back little by little over the season, only to then see a cutting-edge P2 run away from them in clean air. But if they did split the top class the age old problem of who would get top billing would return. Even if they weren't fighting for points they would still be racing for the same piece of tarmac, and the same problems would appear. At this point slowing down either car significantly would by a death knell for the merger, if not the series.

    Oh, don't forget PWC if you're big on your GT cars. It's been picking up a lot of the dissatisfied TUSCC runners and the grid is looking fantastic for next year.
    I think that IMSA have slowly moved towards the goal of true unification, but I'm starting to see the same problems that plagued the pre-merger series crop up again. That it took so long to respond to the teams' feedback is something that needs to be addressed. The new P2 rules cannot come soon enough, as you saw best at Austin the P2 simply can't race wheel-to-wheel with the DP, but if it gets ahead it easily pulls away. That's not fair on either car. GTLM has and will always be a cracker, but Corvette must be fuming at the BoP hammer they got hit with. GTD was surprisingly good for me as I hadn't paid much attention to it. PCs need to be trashed because they've caused the most accidents this season - I think we've moved past the point where the grids need extra numbers. Overall it ended quite well, but the first half of the season was a mess. If they make the same mistakes next year I'll probably stop watching.

    One extra thing - while I appreciate that it's not an ideal situation, the vitriol over the internet has been immensely stupid. Both from the fans and the drivers (Jordan Taylor really needs to get off Twitter, and so do his haters).

    As for next season, I fell off my chair when I saw Shank had decided to switch to P2. I know it was motivated by Pew (and his money), but to see the most vocal critic of the merger ditch the DP was quite a shock. It'll be fun seeing him rant about how unbalanced things are from the other side this season. The Corvette C7 DP bodywork looked amazing in the renders, and no different to the C6 bodywork when Action Express tested it today. That was a disappointment. The improved flag procedures should see the next season in good stead, fewer green-white-checkers please. rumours of Chevy finally ponying up for a P2 motor, about time guys. Hand leaving BMW and Luhr joining RLL in GTLM, great driver out for great driver in. And finally there are the rumours of Ford looking at a factory backed GT program...
    To be fair the TS040 was more reliable than the R18 e-tron quattro RP4 - two Audis had turbo failures remember. But the placing of the temperature-sensitive wiring loom in an area that could (and did) produce lots of heat is more typical of a human error. Still, it counts as a failure and it was what did for the No. 7. Speaking of human error, that was what did for the No. 8 and it looks like the last straw for Toyota, who have all but ditched Lapierre after not letting him drive the car for the back half of the season.

    If I knew the answer to that question I'd be working for Nissan's LMP project ... some reports from German journalists have slammed Nissan's effort for its scattergun approach and the apparent need to be different over adopting tried-and-tested methods and damned it from the off. I don't quite agree, but having to ship the engines from Japan and the tubs from Germany to the states can't be a good thing. There is a very obvious need for this P1 to be exploited for media purposes. Every team does this, but Nissan are pretty shameless about it. Perhaps they feel that there's more PR traction to be gained by basing the actual team in America, so they could tie it in to GT Academy and Nismo and what-have-you.

    Speaking of the Academy, Ordonez and Mardenborough are shoe-ins to be in the car for at least LM. Heidfeld has links to GT Academy as well, so he could be off. JP Oliveira has been tweeting photos from sunny California, despite being a Brazilian who races in Japan. Olivier Pla is another name that keeps cropping up. Beyond those names, who knows?
    Toyota had the best car this year, and they had the best (or at least highest performing) drivers. But they've still got something to learn of the soft systems side - the FIA sensor combusting wasn't their fault but placing the wiring loom next to it was - so the elusive LM victory slipped again. However from the sheer speed Porsche have displayed it looks like batteries are actually the way to go due to the flexibility in deployment. They're going to be frightening next year, with a chassis that actually works the tyres properly and doesn't shake to pieces when a high-revving V4 is put in it. Toyota would have to drop KERS on one axle and adopt ERS-H to make best use of batteries though. This Nissan sneak peek at the SuperBowl is going to be exciting. I wonder who's going to drive as well? TBH Nissan have done a good job of keeping things under wraps, but with their effort split amongst three bases (Japan, Germany, America) it looks too disparate to be of much use. Compare and contrast Audi taking the step this year to move to a new location and being all their operations in-house.
    Sounds like a plan, I'm slightly surprised nobody thought of this in the first place (on Bulba at least).

    I'm not much of a battler but I'd be willing to help. Only problem is I'm abroad for 4 weeks in about 4 weeks time so I won't be any use then.
    Yeah sure. When I breed I put on as many egg moves as I can reasonably get, just in case I need them for chain breeding.
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