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  • We're getting closer. I can see you on your 3DS and in-game.

    All you have to do is get online, hopefully, maybe ...
    Perrinn have released their (public) server stuff for our perusal. Link here

    Pretty interesting and frankly ambitious stuff here, check it out.
    We will get there eventually. I might recommend trying the GTS in a few days - it's not perfect, but it doesn't need both of us online/in-game at the same time.

    There really needs to be some sort of push notification for 3DS friends.
    Third time's a charm.

    Time to get online mate, I can see you're on your 3DS.
    Here I am, looking at your Mii on youtube like a proper stalker!

    I'll idle as long as I can, VM me if you do get in-game.
    I'll make note of it. I might be called out for Friday night, but if I'm not I'll be online at the same time.
    Times like this I wish I could send push notifications through the 3DS itself.

    I see you're online (watching youtube atm). I can trade right now, and for the next 3 hours. If I spot you in-game I'll get online and trade.
    How early? If I recall correctly, I'm ahead of you; so if you got up around seven and were free, I believe I would be at 2 PM; which would most definitely work.
    The difference between our time zones is 7 hours, right? Due to the school year, I'm free on Saturday and Sunday and from probably 4:00-8:00 PM PST. Do those times work, or is the difference too great?
    In-game name (IGN) refers to the name your character is called. You do have one, I don't think it's possible to start the game with a character with all blank spaces for a name.

    As I said before, the earliest I can get online today is in 5 hours time, when you'll by rights be alseep. I can stretch my online time to about 1am if it helps (11 hours from now). Unfortunately there are no late starts this week so I can't trade in what would be your evening.
    Well it'd be best if we could trade, but let's not try too hard when we're already half a day apart. Unfortunately I can only do weekday evenings (7-12pm GMT+1), but on the weekend barring emergencies I'm available all day as well. My FC is 1950-8754-3734, IGN Jay.

    The GTS option wouldn't be too complex - you put up some fodder asking for a Nidoran(M) with some message (and your IGN) to let me know it's yours. The problem here is that there's a small chance you will be sniped.

    Or we could use a third party, never done this before though.

    I'd prefer direct trading, but I've GTS'ed enough that it wouldn't bother me. If you can nail down a time to get online let me know and I'll see if I can match it.
    Hey, a while back we talked about doing some casual battles? I finally beat the game sans the legendary bird, so we can start arranging those now. But to do that, we'll need friend codes and time zones and stuff. I'm on Pacific; but what's yours?
    Hey mate, we should work out a time that we're both online so I can give you this HA Nidoran(M). I know that will be difficult given we are 10-12 hours apart, but I don't mind using the GTS if it gets you what you need.
    The first 6 hours were plagued by stupidly aggressive driving which led to a number of accidents and trips to the local hospital. We're still waiting on the prognosis of one driver, but all the rest have thankfully been released. The worst accident (with the aforementioned driver) required a red flag to allow air ambulances to land on the track. Presumably the drivers all had a good talking to at the same time. There was also some clever/dastardly (YMMV) pit work from WRT - they brought the #3 Audi into the garage while the race was suspended to work on the car, then served the mandatory drive-through while the race was being restarted under yellow.

    As for the race, It's been the lone #77 MVdS BMW versus WRT (3)/Santeloc (1) Audis, all four of them. But the Bimmer has an engine sensor issue, losing lots of time on the straights. Even with a fuel pickup problem, #1 Audi is driving away with the win. McLaren's have almost all been taken out by accidents, Bentley slowly getting back to top 10, Ferrari is leading Pro-Am, Mercedes been hit hard by the BoP-stick, Astons also taken out early in the race, Porsche nowhere.
    So Spa's been something of a bad joke so far.

    Irony of ironies, now that it's night time the drivers have all started to race instead of causing massive accidents.
    It's been designed to accept the customer hybrid systems on the market (all two of them), but as they are currently written the rules put that to bed. Here's hoping they change sharpish, especially with the prospective privateer interest (Onroak, etc.) Playing Devil's Advocate, I think the ACO-FIA didn't want to put too much of a resource strain on privateers in the first season by all-but demanding hybrids in order to be competitive, but that has already happened so there's no point in keeping up the charade.

    Being realistic it's going to be a Rebellion competitor. But, but, but, the R-One also has the ability to fit customer hybrid systems - the gearbox they're currently running (Hewland) is hybrid-ready for example. I think the Lotus can as well, but with the problems as a result of a very delayed schedule I doubt adding a hybrid is high up on their to do list.
    They're already in the mockup stage, here are a couple of pics:

    Designs so far are available to backers and they occasionally update Facebook/Twitter/etc. Hopefully the ACO invest in privateer efforts so someone wants to buy this when it gets made, because it is motoring (pun intended) on schedule quite nicely.
    I see. ^^

    ... ooh, that sounds pretty awesome. :3

    Oh ... that, on the other hand, sounds worrisome. D: I hope everything works out.

    Oh, no problem. Trust me, I've replied to (and wrote!) VMs way longer than this. xD
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