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  • I'm more surprised (pleasantly so) that the Lotus exists than anything. When I heard about the crash test failures and the subsequent withdrawal from LM I assumed that was it for the entire program. Yes it is/was/may still be backed by Kolles but at this point I will gladly accept that if it gets another privateer P1 on the grid. Have you kept up with the Perrinn project? Might back that financially, it's progressing faster than I expected for a partially crowd-funded project.

    I agree about the disparity between DP & P2, and we can see the mess it has left in its wake. I'm not a fan of having to excuse a result by saying "Oh that's a DP/P2 track," or worse, "DPs can work the tyres faster from the restart," which is why I'm amazed that IMSA won't let Continental make a P2 tyre - it's not doing Conti any favours being wrongly accused of not making good tyres. But what was meant to be doesn't matter for IMSA, they needed to present a united front and here we are, leaving Mosport (where DPs never had a look in, despite the excellent pace of SoD) and going to Indianapolis (where P2s won't have a chance outside of an 8-DP pileup). Although I'd forgive all of this if they sorted out their shit-on-a-stick TV coverage - 25 minutes of ads in an hour-long highlights package is simply not acceptable. Neither is putting up with MRN for more than a few seconds.

    I couldn't make it to Silverstone this year but I'm reliably informed that crowds were massively up compared to previous years, even with the pissing rain. Put that down to the effect of Webber (& Porsche), but it's pulling other Aussies/Kiwis along with it. I think the Gold Coast 600 has had a big part to play in this as well, I can imagine foreign drivers going to that race and being impressed by the quality of drivers in V8 Supercars.
    Speaking of TUSCC, Racer are doing a really good "State of the Union" series with representatives from all four classes. The latest one is for GTLM, and they've already done articles for GTD and PC with the P class yet to come.

    Have fun guessing which manufacturer the GTLM "manu rep" is working for!
    Can't see the manufacturers being happy with that, although they wouldn't move to F1 like last time. VAG will spend more and Toyota will find more creative ways of skirting the rules. Giving privateers bigger breaks needs to stop though - as you know, it's easier to adjust to less performance than it is to tune for more (re:Honda's P2 engines in TUSCC), and the factories can cope with changes much better than privateers. But the ACO are chasing the factories like a lovestruck teenager so that's never happening.

    Speaking of TUSCC, PC needs to go right now. Ttoo fast in lap time and too slow in top speed, and the chassis is EIGHT years old now. But I don't think separating DP & P2 was ever a goer - to save face for the merger, DP & P2 needed to be combined. So of course, IMSA did fuck-all combined testing in the off-season, then forced DP teams to pay 6 figures for upgrades, then forced P2 teams to push their engines to breaking point, then stopped Conti from designing car-specific tyres. Not the way to conduct a merged series.

    We had those GT convergence talks that broke down; most of the manufacturers are pretty happy with the status quo. After all, why bother compromising the road car to make a good race car when you can just BoP anything to the same performance? It is a crying shame though, especially in GTE which is just as heavily BoP'ed as any GT3 series (so much for racing pedigree), whining and sandbagging and all. GT3 offers the illusion of road relevance and the racing is always great, so it's not going away.

    The 12h has deserves the increased international presence, it's excellent. Van Gisbergen was amazing in the McLaren; looking forward to seeing him and Lowndes in the Spa 24h.

    Quickly on SGT, I see your point and I miss the variety too but I think of the current GT500 as the closest thing to LMP1-H (my jam) available. And they're only slower than the factory hybrids, even faster than 2013 Rebellion based on Fuji lap times.
    Here's the second part. Boy do I like typing. (2/2)

    I'm in the UK so time zones inevitably get in the way of series I'd like to follow, but these are the ones I make an effort to watch (besides WEC):
    - Super GT (the training ground for P1's top drivers, and IMO the best multi-class racing outside of WEC)
    - ELMS (Ironic that this is where most of the LMP2s are when a couple of years ago it was basically dead; also a good decision to allow de-facto GT3 cars to race)
    - BES/BSS (although stupid TV rights packages get in the way of BSS sometimes, thankfully BES races are still non-geo blocked and still awesome; go Bentley!)
    - TUSCC (Got off to a bad start, and it's been 2 steps forward 1 step back since, but I refuse to countenance an American racing scene without top-class sportscars; DPs don't count)
    - PWC (because America needs true GT3 cars, and this series is going from strength to strength; now they've just got to sort out their standing starts)
    - GT Open (Yeah it's a 2nd tier series at best but it deserves credit just because they don't mess around with their streaming, it's always free and always works)
    - VLN/ADAC (I only really tune in for N24, because 170+ cars round the 'Ring is still extraordinary; I catch regular VLN/GT Masters races when I have time)
    - Bathurst 12h/Dubai 24h (the only remaining endurance races I will make time for, although I'm still not fond of the D24 "joker" format)

    I also tune into DTM, but that's not sportscars and I'm only there to see how Martin/Rockenfeller are doing. Oh, I also watch Moto3/2 and then turn off for the Marc Marquez processional parade laps MotoGP race.
    Split this into two parts because Bulbagarden cannot handle the waffling brilliance. (1/2)

    Now that is unusual, going from Peugeot to Audi! Everyone I know that supported Peugeot migrated to Toyota either for "Anyone but Audi" or for driver continuity. Those turbo issues were perhaps more telling than Audi want to admit. I thought that when they introduced the monoturbo in 2011 it would overheat eventually, but assuming it was overheating that lead to the failures this year (and only this year) then the 4L revised engine must be putting out some stonking torque/power. We know the 2013 R18 was pushing 650hp and the turbo never quit last year. Unfortunately the rules dictate that Rebellion have no chance. The LMP1-L sub-class is a joke of a "concession" to privateers because the ACO cannot be bothered to think of a reliable way to make up the budget deficit. Thankfully Rebellion are not going to quit P1 as long as they can race but I can't see anybody else joining them to wait in hope for 7+ factory cars to all retire. So they will continue to have their special little trophy for taking part even though they *don't * want it. Having said all of that, the R-One needs a new engine fast. The current Toyota V8 is too thirsty and not torquey enough for this set of regulations. At the very least bore it out to 4L.
    This has nothing at all to do with Pokémon, but it's pleasing to see a fellow sportscar fan on a non-motorsport website. Even rarer to see someone openly support Audi in my experience, most people I know think they're a bit long in the tooth! Personally I'd like to see a different winner* but I have no problems with Audi's approach; they deserve the success for their meticulous preparation and contingencies.

    *Problem here is I might end up supporting Audi myself next year - Toyota's arrogance this season has pissed me off, there's little point in rooting for Porsche because they're also part of the VAG group, and Nissan milking G56 at the expense of genuine innovation makes me severely doubt their commitment to the P1 program.
    If you want another Challenger, I would be happy be your opponent.
    sure thing set it up and i'll be there ^-^ i need to evolve darumaka anyways xD
    I was just looking at your URPG stats and I thought you might want to know, you're not limited to four moves in URPG. You automatically have all moves listed under level-up moves in the Ultra Dex and can purchase the rest at the Pokémart.
    You can find them all here

    Mario Tennis Open FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for 3DS - GameFAQs

    ^You want the one that says HTML you'll find all the QR Codes on page 2 and 3
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