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  • I know your high iv pokemon thread is closed now but can I ask for the Rayquaza. I can give you any IV GEN legendary but their cloned using a website called Pokecheck If you want one but not cloned, I'll di my best and find one for you
    Oh wow. I hope you have a good summer at the summer camp, then. And I shall look forward to speaking to you upon your return! :p
    Thank you also! :D If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask :]
    Nope, no thanks. I tend to suck at nicknames :p I finally did it :D

    So, I'll head in with the Karrablast in just one moment. :]
    In a couple of minutes, yeah. I'm just trying to RNG something, and for some reason it's just not working. I'll VM you when I'm heading in. :]
    I'm free to trade now. Shall I head on to Wi-Fi?

    Edit: I see that you've gone. Let me know if you come back and can trade :]
    Non redis rights are fine (though my Karrablast is gonna be fully redis :p).
    Can you name Chansey "Venus" please? Would you prefer trading in 4th or 5th gen? I finished Karrablast yesterday. Just busy during weekdays. :p
    31 31 31 10 31 31 Swarm Male Adamant
    Pursuit Megahorn Poison Jab Swords Dance {Scolipede parent}
    It's my own Sigilyph, so it would be Non-Redist to you. :p

    Well, if you don't mind it being shiny and you won't trade it, I can trade now.
    I have a shiny one I RNG'd a while back already, but it's Non-Redist. (I don't know whether you follow Redis-Rights since most here don't).

    But since I noticed you said you don't care for shinies, would you like it non-shiny?
    Sorry that I've been missing you all week :\
    Just stopping by to let you know that I haven't forgot about our trade :)
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