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  • That's cool. I've been procrastinating busy with schoolwork. Having to read 2 long, boring works of literature and complete page-long questions dealing with the readings takes up a lot of time.
    Not that I have 'favorites', but I always like reading your posts. Glad you're back!
    Look, I don't get why you're attacking me on a pokemon forum of all things. .-.;;; No disrespect but you can go get bent lol.

    I'm not selling myself to anyone on this forum, nor do I need you and your ...... doubt to know what I'm doing and who I am. Enjoy sucking off yourself, dearie!

    Incase you haven't noticed I have two friends that would gladly back me up. :B
    Say what you want. I'll take satisfaction in knowing on what I am. And how those photos are real :B

    Dear, God, I'm so sorry for associating with people you dislike! How silly of me! I'll kill myself now!
    I'm not a moderator, what I mean was; I didn't want any problems with the Mods, since our discussion was off-topic in that thread.
    I would just like you to know that it appears a very important fact was discovered tonight as a result of the last hour or so. Previously we had assumed that, when infractions were reversed, a second PM was sent to inform the user as such. Turns out that wasn't the case, so users weren't informed when the infractions were reversed. I think some are looking into that now to see if that reversal PM can be enabled. No worries about the tone, I understand.
    -I get an out of place infraction

    -I talk endlessly to multiple Admins/Mods about infraction...I am not listened to...nothing is done

    -I make an actual point, and infraction is reversed

    -I receive a warning for abusing the report system that got my infraction reversed

    -Warning is reversed

    -But Mods still tell me I am causing more trouble and trying to stir things up despite doing things within the scope of the rules because I'm simply trying to prove I did nothing wrong

    It's so fantastic to know that I cannot win here :)
    Oh, I see, two posts under yours! No, I didn't bother to check there, since you said "the post under mine". I'll try to read your mind better in the future. Sorry!
    Hey, Wigglytuff, when I gave you that infraction, it's because I thought you were referring to a Bulbagarden member's fanart. I didn't realize for a while that that wasn't the case, since your only argument was that the post underneath you was in agreement with you (when, actually, the post under you said "That's pretty cool, actually. Not necessarily the peacock, but the other two.").

    I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, and as I'm sure you've noticed by now, I've reversed that infraction.

    In any case, I'm sure you recognize the difference between rudely insulting a piece of fanart and stating a distaste for an official design.
    I did find your infraction unfair, and I said as such in the Staff forums (and I believe I may have mentioned it in my PM to you the other day too). You will find that the infraction was in fact overturned recently for that very reason. Continuing to report posts that we all know should not receive infractions for the sole puprose of making a point will not garner anything but another Abuse of Report System infraction (and no, that is not a threat. It is just how the staff deals with reports made in that spirit regardless of the user who reported them). Calm down. I'm asking you to stop the reports so that you don't gain that infraction. Believe it or not I am trying to help you.
    Wigglytuff, I encourage you not to report every single post with design criticisms. We get the point, and it really isn't going to get you anywhere beyond antagonizing people further, which is something that I think you could ill afford right now.
    I wish I knew what to say to that. I guess all I can do is wish you good luck, assuming you believe in luck.
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