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  • I dunno that was about my only available time. I'll try to schedule you in for next month.
    For the perfect Beldum I have 5IV: togepi, pichu, bagon, deino as well as 4IV squirtle, charmander, bulbasaur, HA eevee, and HA shroomish.
    Hey, did you mean to give me a 6IV Beldum? I'm not complaining if you did, but I thought you only had two and they were both taken before I posted?
    Do you care if Togepi has its HA or not? Also, I recently got a bunch more bank ball pokes, if any of those would interest you instead.
    Hello, my names casey and just joined this site because I saw that u had slurpluff or trade and I need one and I can probably get you whatever u want for it, my friend code is 528415759494
    I forgot Togepi is a baby pokemon and thus in the Undiscovered Egg group; so I have to raise up my female so I can breed more ahahahaha. I think I mostly forgot because a lot of times pokes I thought were Baby pokemon (like Ralts) actually aren't.

    So this might take a bit! Sorry about that, I haven't been feeling well lately so I've been forgetful.
    Hi I'm online right now if you want to trade. my fc 1306-5694-6760

    edit: looks like I just missed you, I'll be on line the rest of the night.
    Hello Wild Card! Hopefully you have a male HA turtwig for trade! I'll be available on mostly all day today (Monday for me) and tomorrow. Tell me when you would be able to trade, or since I'll be checking the forums regularly today and tomorrow, we can trade when I catch your online! (It's around 10.30 am for me when I sent this post)
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