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  • I highly doubt we'll get another BF arc. Ash made it clear he doesn't wanna be a Frontier Brain, which is sorta the point of taking on the Battle Frontier to begin with (not to mention that's Gen IV promotion; I think the boat has sailed on that), so there's really no point. Whatever filler saga comes after the League, I'm sure it will suck, because it is Best Wishes and I'm beginning to think nothing can make this series not suck at this point.

    We're stuck with this series until we get a confirmation on when the Gen VI games come out in Japan. But first, Gen VI has to actually be announced... and hyped... and... oh god...

    I don't wanna be stuck with this series for another half-year at a bare minimum!! No more, no more! ;_;
    Yep; I'm sure I can somehow pull this off. I'm actually putting two gym battles in here - as my grand scheme to rush Conway into 8 badges continues, but I'm probably only gonna write the last round of that at most. :p Against Gardenia. It'll be more coverage than what he got for Crasher Wake (which was nothing!) but less than Fantina. I thank Volkner for being the lazy asshole that he is; I guarantee his "battle" with Paul and Conway will be the best one of the entire fic. :p After that Conway's remaining Gym Battles should more or less be written out in full, and those will feature Conway against the Platinum additions of the Gym Leaders' teams just to make it more interesting for me.

    If it helps and you didn't see it already, I did make a blog recently with a lot of Trifecta-related artwork I've done. Most of it's stuff that will be an eternity in coming, but should serve for something as I try and will this fic to become written again!
    Yeeeeeah, pretty sure at this stage it's not arrogant of me to say my take on the anime kicks the ass of the staff's current endeavors. You'd think the writers would be aware of how far they've come down, but I think they're utterly blinded by their love of Iris to truly improve on anything or have any inclination to make up for the bullshit that's comprised of 90% of the series. I'm beginning to think all the competent writers were solely relegated to writing for Cilan's stuff and nothing more - it's just too bizarre how Cilan's the only main character in this show who has yet to offend me in any way and is usually the only thing I look forward to in these episodes (and likely the only thing that keeps me from REALLY giving up on the series). :p Yeah, I remember the good ol' days back when BW was something new and exciting and I was especially excited for Iris before learning the horrible truth about her. Thankfully I had good sense to not bother getting excited for Trip after people who worked on the show literally called him "the Shinji-like rival" before we even knew what he looked like, and once we knew what he looked like... and once he made a terrible first impression, I just knew there was nothing good to come of that. More than anything I'm still surprised the writers were openly lazy enough to color-reverse Paul, make minor aesthetic tweaks, and then call that the new rival. Really; I color-reversed Paul's official stock art and many of the colors that come from that are strikingly close or almost exact of Trip's in some way. :p All they really did was made the hair less interesting, thin the eyebrows, and simplify his outfit (and the color scheme just makes it horrendous). Paul never may have been a looker, but I thought he always dressed real damn good. Then again, blue and purple are my favorite colors that happen to compliment each other well~
    Yeah, besides the current series getting me down and constantly angry, the other tricky thing is that I'm writing a gym battle, which are always a challenge to write up to the standards of the anime. ^^; I have one gimmick down pat for the Paul vs Candice rematch... it's just not easy to put it in words. The name of the next chapter is Black Ice Battle (took that from a Donkey Kong Country 2 level name :p), so the running theme is Paul mucking up Candice's ice battlefield with Haze (literally called Black Mist in Japan, so I'm considering there's an element of water in it - plus the anime treats the move like a second SmokeScreen), effectively making "black ice" similar to the deadly hazards we face in real life on the highways in snowy conditions. Paul is still a dick after everything that's happened to him. ♥

    Ire With Fire's adaptation is gonna be a while in coming, though I'm personally glad for that since I'm burnt out on doing episode adaptations for the time being, having to do so many in a row lately. Paul, Conway and Barry actually being a trio will take even longer to form due to the circumstances. ;_; They'll be the main draw of the post-DP arc of the fic for sure, though. I just have to get back into the mindset that the current series' suckiness has no bearing on the fic - I MUST prove that I can do better than whatever the hell the writers are doing now. >:|
    hahaha, it's fine, I need people to yell at me to finish this chapter. :') I managed to get another page and a half written this morning! At this point now that it's been a WHOLE GODDAMN YEAR since I updated, I have no idea when this chapter will get finished, especially when I have distractions like Pokemon Conquest to deal with and my urge to draw after all these years keeps nagging at me. :\ But I do have a new thing to blame my inactivity on.

    Best Wishes. All this time, it has been a primary source of my nasty moodswings that prevent me from being able to write well! Especially with the shit it's pulling now. I think I won't truly be happy again until Iris is permanently off the show. :mad:
    It seems that with every aspect of DP they bring in/reference, they counter it by ruining them in this series. First Cynthia goes easy on Iris so her babby dragon can get another stupidly overpowered move it doesn't deserve, now Dawn has joined the hive mind of Iris and is using that lame catchphrase, and now it's confirmed that Iris is getting an even worse version of the Togekiss fiasco.

    At this point I'm going to be worried if they mention Paul here; I can't help but feel the series will shit on his character like it already has on the others.
    If I thought I could fit it in reasonably for the next chapter, sure, but the closest the story will get to that is a Reggie and Brock conversation that takes up the first 15 pages of the chapter. After that, I've got to write out the Paul/Candice gym battle, and at least part of a Conway/Gardenia battle with some Conway/Barry banter to set up for chapter 20. And it's been at least 10 months since the last chapter, so much as I would like to extend on Ash's depression bit that lasted half of an episode, I may just have to revisit it another time.

    On the positive side, I finally requested for a full week's vacation starting the week of the 21st this month, so I plan on using that time to relax and hopefully get most (if not all) of the chapter done before I go back to work. It really has been kicking my ass on a consistent basis these past few months and I haven't had a vacation since I started the job over 2 years ago, so I think the issue with the delay now isn't so much a writing burnout as it is a general life burnout.
    You're allowed to necro post if your post is on topic/has relevancy to the thread, so your post was okay.
    It's alright; I'm honestly surprised it's taken this long for me to get any prying given how terrible my update gaps are. XD

    I'm not sure if "hiatus" is the right word or not; I've just hit a spell where I don't feel like writing. I know exactly what I need to write for the next chapter and I have made minimal progress on it, but my desire to write is just a bit dead for some reason. My passion for the fic has not waned, though. I just wish there was a way I could project my thoughts into writing without having to type anything. XD I'm gonna do my best to make sure this doesn't become another 7-month gap, though, so hopefully I can kick my own butt in gear sometime this month and get busy on it. The sorrow of not being able to write it does weigh on my mind every day, believe me. @_@
    And Paul should've totally fucking used Torterra in his battle against Ash. I find it insulting that Paul would not use his strongest Pokemon against his rival in this ultimate showdown, especially considering how pathetic Ash's Torterra is by comparison (Paul should've totally told Ash he's Doing It Wrong with his tanks). I understand why Paul shuffled his team, sure, but he still wanted to keep friggin' Electivire in there and even got showcased in the battle against Barry beforehand, too. It's just stupid and I refuse to accept Electivire as Paul's signature Pokemon. It's Torterra, goddammit.

    Infernape learning Flare Blitz instead of Blast Burn... why. Friendship was such a key element here with this subplot, we'd already seen Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon in action, so why not Blast Burn?! It's admittedly a nitpicky thing to get pissed over, but... GAAUGH.

    Secretly, I wanted Conway to be the "mystery trainer", too. He's got that air about him, so it would've been fitting to have him be all like "Yeah, I've known you guys for a while buuuuut guess what I have a Darkrai. lol pwned." There was just no real need for Tobias other than to be an excuse for Ash not winning the Sinnoh League. Even though I hated everything Tobias stood for, it was admittedly a pretty epic battle (not nearly as awesome as Ash/Paul, but still) so it's weird to think of how I would've changed that, but yeah. Ideally there would be no Tobias and Conway would win the League. XD After all, it's not like Conway and Ash had any real rivalry to speak of in the series. There'd be no loose ends to tie up if Conway beat Ash and won the League, totally not...

    Does that all constitute as going crazy? Really, all things considered, I really loved the Sinnoh League for what we got. It could've been better, but I'm not about to whine about it and claim that a few poor decisions ruined the whole thing.
    The first thing that should have happened? All League battles should've been 6-on-6 matches. That would no doubt extend the saga a bit, but there were enough meaningless fillers in the late DP era that could've been axed to make for time here. I really wanted to see full battles between Barry/Paul and Ash/Conway. They're awesome characters who deserved that much before leaving the series forever, at least.

    I would not have given Nando the dignity of having a whole episode to battle in. Preferably I wouldn't want him in the League at all because he ate up plenty enough time as it was in the GF and that's more than enough for a character who barely appeared and had virtually no influence on our main protagonists. But if he had to be in the League, I would've relegated him to a rushed battle and get him axed off in the preliminaries.

    I would have had Conway confirm his Dusknoir is the same Dusknoir that saved his life in the Summer Academy arc and how it helped Conway get over his ghost phobia. And after Conway lost, I would have kept him with the spectator group to commentate on the Ash/Paul battle as well as the Ash/Tobias battle. I'd love it if Conway and Paul interacted but ahahaha~

    Paul should have brought up the question Brandon asked him way back when they battled, and revealed that he knows why he battles with Pokemon. Also, that Brandon is totally his dad and Barry can fag over having something in common with Paul - having a Frontier Brain for a dad - and this would be why Paul doesn't totally rip Barry's morale to shreds after defeating him.
    Y-you're WildGamer, from Youtube? Woah! I absolutely ADORE your videos! Especially the Paul VS Ash - Run This Town one. :D
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