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Recent content by willyh106

  1. willyh106

    Pokémon Shuffle Mobile to be released in South Korea: To be released Jan. 14

    It's pretty cool that a Pokemon mobile game is in my country!
  2. willyh106

    Review S08 EP27: The Ribbon Cup Caper ・ EP28: Hi Ho Silver Wind!

    Back to reviewing! AG119-This episode was just pretty standard in my opinion, and should't the ribbon cup at least be put under super hard-core guarding in the first place? The outcome was pretty much what everyone expects, not too special of an episode. 7/10 AG121-First of all, I'm very happy...
  3. willyh106

    Hottest Pokemon Guy

    XD I actually really liked it..
  4. willyh106

    Review S08 EP25: Berry, Berry Interesting ・ EP26: Less is Morrison

    AG117-I loved the scenes with the Tamato Berries and it is pretty interesting that May caught a Munchlax, making me wonder how the writers will use the new gluttonous addition. All the Pokemon except for Munchlax disliking "May's Purple Surprise" was pretty funny too. 9/10 AG118-This episode...
  5. willyh106

    Which Pokémon region would you live in?

    I'd love to live in Hoenn, with all the great natural environment and the town in which I'd like to have my home is Sootopolis.
  6. willyh106

    What's your signature Pokémon?

    In ORAS, I tend to use Volcarona a lot and with Quiver Dance+STAB moves, it's pretty awesome.
  7. willyh106

    Your Favorite Song of the franchise.

    Games: Battle! (Frontier Brain-Hoenn Version), Bicycle (Sinnoh), Route 228 (Night) Anime: Unbeatable, This Dream, Pokemon Theme
  8. willyh106

    Favourite town music?

    I love all the themes in the games, but ome of the cities/towns music I like and hear the most are: Violet City, Littleroot Town, Petalburg City, Dewford Town, Lilycove City, and Canalave City.
  9. willyh106

    Hottest Pokemon Guy

    From a male's perspective, I think the "good looking" Pokemon male character is Tucker, the Dome Ace. I liked his hair design and his suit in the anime XD
  10. willyh106

    Review S08 EP22: Date Expectations ・ EP23: Mean With Envy ・ EP24: Pacifidlog Jam

    AG114-As an AdvanceShipper, this episode was very nice, showing Ash and May having lots of interactions and the famous "Holding the Shoulders" scene. As a normal viewer, this episode was nice too, showing how May cares about Max and the "Dolphin Love Dance" was cool too. 9/10 AG115, AG116-For...
  11. willyh106

    Review S08 EP20: Showdown At Linoone ・ EP21: Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?

    I got lazy and didn't review for the last few months, but I will try to make up for all the late reviews. (Currently watching AG161 XD) AG112-It was a nice episode, showing some held items from the games was nice and the "Ash Getting Flattened" scene was nice too. The friendship between Kimmy...
  12. willyh106

    Shiny Pikachu to be distributed in South Korea at Pika Pika Battle: To take place on

    Re: Shiny Pikachu to be distributed in South Korea at Pika Pika Battle: To take place Too bad that I couldn't go. It's just a quick subway ride from my home but blame my history teacher for giving me a project to work on...
  13. willyh106

    Things you want to see done in Sun and Moon

    To state my small opinions... 1. One thing I've always wanted is a option that enables you to play the game in a first person view. I think that it would be pretty interesting. 2. Bring back the character customisation from the X and Y games. I was pretty disappointed that May didn't keep her...
  14. willyh106

    Review S08 EP18: The Great Eight Fate! ・ EP19: Eight Ain't Enough

    I think Juan is a cool Gym Leader with impressive skills from his Pokemon Coordinator experiences. This gym battle was a nice one and I liked how Swallow didn't give up and liked it when Ash actually remembered how Ice Ball takes more time as it repeats itself from the battle at Muscle Island...
  15. willyh106

    Review S08 EP17: Do I Hear a Ralts?

    This was a cute episode, with all the nice interactions between Ralts and Max! I liked the fact that Snorunt followed Max around in his journey to the Pokemon center and Max has quite the stamina to run all-day long XD Now, I'd really like to see Max returning to the show with a...