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  • I started to watch Arc-V and i really like it. My favourite character is Gongenzaka, i like his dueling style which only uses monsters and those monsters can attack while in Defense position which is awesome.
    Finished GX a couple of days ago, my favourite season is definitely 3. I also watched Pyramid of Light and Bonds Beyond Time, i prefer Bonds Beyond Time even though it's a little short for a movie.
    YGO withdrawal over, time to get back on GX. And took me half an hour to find a site that has all the episodes in Japanese.
    it was originally named like octotcle or something along the likes; late reply i know
    and now korea out of no where with pity reveals 2 good looking legends. i dare you to guess what stat of slowbros get raised
    Still, i'm gonna use Mega Metagross regardless of ability and typing because he looks awesome. I only recently started to use Megas and i like it, M-Kangaskan and M-Pinsir are awesome and i'm waiting for a friend of mine to finish breeding a Mawile, gonna try Mega Mawile.
    To be honest, if the Pokedex didn't say it was a super computer i would have always wondered why it's Psychic type, because it looks just like a spider robot and nothing like a super computer.
    Psychic typing it's just dragging him down now, i would rather see him become better than continue to be dragged by an hindering typing. It will probably remain Steel/Psychic
    Tough Claws is the best in my opinion, it's like a recoil-less Life Orb and Metagross has a bunch of contact moves. Levitate and dropping Psychic typing would leave it with only two weaknesses: Fighting and Fire, not a bad trade because it loses weaknesses to Ground, Dark and Ghost.
    My biggest fear was put to rest, they didn't screwed up Mega Metagross design, it actualy looks great. Now hoping for a good ability.
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